A quintessential item on every expectant mother’s nursery list, the baby monitor has revolutionized the world of childcare dating back to its cutting edge invention 80 years ago. The roots of this invention can be traced back to its very purpose in providing parents with a peace of mind when it comes knowing their children are safe. Dubbed the “Radio Nurse,” its creation was inspired by the panic and paranoia that ensued amongst parents following the 1932 Lindbergh kidnapping, spearheading the movement to better monitor children and prevent similar occurrences.

While decades have passed since the advent of the baby monitor, the feelings that prompted its invention continue to persist in the 21st century. Fortunately, expectant mothers today are situated in an era of innovation and technological advancement and face many options for choosing a monitor best suitable for all their baby watching needs. With the evolution of the baby monitor and a vast number of products available, choosing the right one may seem like a complex task. However, it all comes down to finding the smartest and most sanctifying solution.

There are a few key questions to keep in mind when considering what may be the best option for you. The first being, ”C**an I access the monitor from any location?”** Range is extremely important when choosing the right monitor. Consider the space you live in and approach the manufacturer’s claims with caution, as most measurements of range may not be advertised according to accuracy. Nothing is more frustrating than a baby monitor that constantly goes in and out of signal. You should be confident that your monitor is in fact, monitoring at all times.

If you live in a 16 square feet, two story complex, you may want to rethink the Infant Optics Drx-8 Back. Although it is celebrated as the first baby monitor with interchangeable lens technology (allowing you to customize viewing angles), it can be faulty when it comes to range of signal throughout a larger place. If range is not an issue, consider its other excellent features. The Infant Optics proves to be a popular choice on account of its long lasting battery life, advanced temperature displays, and invisible IR night vision.

When it comes to the safety and well being of your child, you want the most trusted option on the market. You’re most likely thinking, what are my best options? Two widely popular selections amongst expectant and experienced parents is the Nest Camera and the Motorola. While the Nest Cam is technically not a baby monitor, its impressive reliability and excellent video coverage make it one of our favorite monitors. It is a great way to tap into your camera when you’re not at home, allowing you access directly through your iPhone or tablet. Albeit impressive, the Nest Cam may not contain the traditional features of other baby monitors such as a true pan and tilt option; however, the phone app sends you notifications when detecting baby movement and allows you to speak to your baby by simply pressing a button.

Because the Nest Cam is Wi-Fi dependent, high-speed internet and a strong connection are crucial to avoid possible interruptions in service. Also, be sure to protect yourself against hackers and connection tappers when using internet-connected monitors by changing default passwords and installing both security updates and antivirus software. Another cost effective, excellent monitor is the Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor, which includes a split screen option that allows you to connect multiple Cameras, along with an aesthetically pleasing, large screen display.

Unlike the Nest Cam, it contains a closed circuit connection that is not dependent on Wi-Fi signaling, which may be comforting for those who have heard the cautionary tales of monitor hackers. You may turn on and off the Wi-Fi connection as you please, allowing you the option to monitor your baby from any location. The foolproof high volume options and lack of static noise are incredibly reassuring, essentially keeping you from checking the monitor every few minutes. When choosing between baby monitors, keep in mind that what is good for someone else may not be the most optimal selection for you. Thus, it is most important educate yourself today on the many disadvantages and advantages of the most popular baby monitors on the market. By deciding which features are most important to you, you can make the best decision when it comes to choosing a baby monitor that will have you feeling confident and at ease.