Don’t you hate it when you go into a dollar store, and you find most items are three, five, or eight dollars (or even higher)? These are things that you can usually find at another store for less money and higher quality. However, dollar stores do have some great buys that are truly only one dollar. Here are some of the splendid things you can purchase at a low, low price that I have tried and recommend (There may be other products that are fantastic, but I have not had experience with them-all of these products will be one dollar)-


  • Ruby Kist Apple Juice 64 oz
  • Ruby Kist Cranberry Apple Juice Cocktail 32 oz (additional cranberry mixes)- There is little difference between this and Ocean Spray.
  • Arizona Ice Tea Various Flavors 42 oz


  • Benzel’s Pretzel Rods 8 oz- Pretzel Rods that will make you think you are in Bavaria.
  • Penny Sticks Mini-Pretzels 12 oz- These are simply delicious and are great for dipping.
  • Alejandro on the Go Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Flavored Dip 3-1.5 oz cups- Great for dipping your pretzels.
  • Oven Baked Fudge Grahams Cookies 13 oz- A chocolate delight that will surprise your taste buds.
  • Animal Cookies Iced 11 oz- Great for kids!
  • Lil Dutch Maid Old Fashioned Ginger Snaps 10 oz- Great for adults!
  • Bud’s Best Bite Size Vanilla Wafers 8 oz
  • Wyler’s Authentic Italian Ice Freeze Pop Berry and Cherry Mix 6- 2 oz- These may be the best popsicles that I have ever tasted. [caption id=“attachment_11347” align=“alignnone” width=“500”]41xacAtvGiL via[/caption]
  • Jolly Time Popcorn- Give up the microwave bland popcorn for some old fashioned and delicious healthier popcorn that you make yourself.

Cleaning Products

  • Ultra Shine Lemon Scented Dish Detergent (Dishwasher Powder) 25 oz
  • Dawn Simply Clean Dishwashing Liquid 12.6 oz
  • The Works Basic Deodorizing Toilet Bowl Cleaner 24 oz


  • Greeting Cards (specials two for one dollar)- Aren’t you tired of paying five dollars for a piece of cardboard to send someone that gets thrown away almost immediately?
  • Kitchen and Cooking Utensils
  • Cheap Kids Toys- Great for kids’ parties or when your little one has a couple of dollars that they want to spend.
  • Candles
  • Rubbermaid Food Containers
  • A Variety of drinking glasses if you need to purchase only one or two.

Products To Avoid

  • Chocolate Cream Cookies- These were not very tasty (even my kids didn’t like them). Spend the extra money and buy some Oreos.
  • Frozen Food Section- I have yet to find a great buy in the freezers. This doesn’t mean however that they are not equal to a normal grocery store’s prices.
  • Tuna Fish- You can usually find a can of Tuna Fish cheaper than one dollar on sale somewhere.
  • Soda- Their off brand two-liters are nothing compared to buying the real thing at a grocery store which you can usually buy on sale for the same price or cheaper.
  • Candy- The candy isn’t a bad price, but you can find larger quantities for less money per ounce if you go to another store. If you just want to spend a dollar on a small portion, however, then it can be a decent purchase.