The focus is on your material resources, finances and personal obligations, Aries, and how you utilize your assets to secure your life will be in the spotlight.

Your immense creativity and driving enthusiasm can feel repressed and held back by the structure of meeting the literal monetary and financial demands of your life but the results that manifest by investing your attention and energy there will, in reality, create a far more powerful freedom than simply heading off after new dreams can during this period.

As stated in this astrology website, Taurus focuses on the resources on hand, the physical realities of what exists in your world and by moving your attention towards what ‘you’ have in your life and supplementing and securing them you will be creating a powerful base that can support you far into the future.

Abundance and prosperity begin right where you are at and are not likely to be found on that tantalizing and shimmering horizon. Hard work, discipline and an application of imagination will be the impetus that leads you towards success. Think in literal terms…create visual and reality based goals…and there is nothing you cannot achieve in the period lying ahead.


The stellium of our personal planets occurs in your own sign, Taurus, and makes you the role model for how we should be living our lives and acknowledging  our resources and our assets. Do what you do naturally but work on staying open minded and flexible.

Avoid becoming overly possessive of what you have. The world is moving at your pace and in tune to your own energies…you’ll find this a powerful and rejuvenating time when your efforts lead directly to your goals. Keep spirituality a focus point and don’t lose sight of the importance of dreams and your inner desires. Help others learn to support their lives by lending a hand or a shoulder to those who show up in your world. Get involved in issues that are important to you…stay aware of what exists beyond your own front door and be willing to let new people into your life.

Don’t over work and allot plenty of time to enjoying what you are building. This is an excellent time to begin a new health or fitness routine, to make changes in your appearance and to allow more of ‘who you are’ to become visible to your world. Opportunities are all around you…make the most of them and you’ll find you are able to create the world you’ve always wanted to exist in.


You are mind and intellect driven and this super line up of planets radiates through an area of life that signifies hidden thoughts, motivations,desires and dreams.

There is a sharp divisional line between fantasy and reality and the energy is encouraging you to unite the two. Both have an important place in your world…but acknowledging where one ends and where the other begins allows you to understand yourself…and bring your outer consciousness into your inner awareness. Ultimately ‘what’ we believe in and what we dream of are only catalysts that help guide our actions…and bring us understanding. In the end it isn’t about bringing the inside to the outside but rather using the inside as inspiration in what we create outside. The more you embrace your own truths…and hold them as sacred simply for that fact the more you will find the impetus and the strength to build your outer reality. Sink into your motivations…unwrap them, look into them and analyze them. Dreams can and will come true under this magnificent earthy and grounded energy…but the dreams have to be built in reality..step by step…bit by bit while operating with awareness and consciousness.


This period is all about your dreams, Cancer. Those dreams that are linked intricately with other people in your world. It is about friendships and the bonds that are nurtured with those who share your visions. It’s less self focused and more ‘other’ focused. It encourages finding ways to reach your personal desires in a less personal way.

You’ll be exploring the structure of relationships in terms of alliances and commitments towards shared visions. With the right group of people around you you will find that there is ‘more’ of you to share with the world…the more you give of self…the more empowered and the more real your ability to create your own dreams becomes.

Personal desires need to be brought into a structured awareness and a sharp focus. It’s important to know ‘who’ the people are that you are surrounded by as in many ways your own identity is entwined around theirs. Make sure they share your visions and ethics.

Know who and what you’re giving your emotional investments to. Unconditional love and acceptance can be practiced while maintaining a boundaries. It’s wonderful to accept and embrace another being, wounds and all, because you genuinely care about them…it’s another thing entirely when you begin pouring personal resources into those who simply cannot hold them sacred and in honor. Know the difference and stay within your boundaries. You have to care about yourself as much as you care about others.


The planet line up is positioned at the very top of your chart, Leo, and creates a powerful vehicle for you to grow your career with. What you put into your job pays off in amazing ways. You are both a role model and a leader under this planetary influence and maintaining your integrity, your enthusiasm and your sense of life will allow others to learn from your example.

Learn to delegate jobs when it is appropriate and learn to trust that others are just as capable of performing things you might ordinarily try to take on yourself. Opportunities are likely to arrive one after the other but at a much slower pace than you  usually expect. Along with those opportunities come equally powerful people and equality must be a learned asset in the days and weeks ahead.

There is a way to combine forces that furthers all concerned…do your best to seek out those routes and abilities and you’ll be walking straight towards success. Hard work comes along with all of the projects and offers that are in abundance…don’t be afraid to jump in to get the job done. Playing by the rules is an important necessity and honoring structure and tradition, even if it opposes some of your own ideas, is one of the ways to take advantage of the growth and power that is available. This is the time to be the true noble Lion that you are…and to become your own sense of self and seek to teach others the same.


The line up in the earth sign of Taurus on August 3 opens up your future in powerful ways, Virgo. You’re likely to see the results of your past efforts materialize in ways you hadn’t dreamed of. Experiences take you out into the world and away from your immediate environment either literally or internally.

The focus is on the things in the grander scheme of life that inspire and fulfill you spiritually and intellectually. The more mundane day to day aspects of life take on less importance than what is lying ahead and out there and in the world in general.

You’re being taken into the future along a pathway that is the direct result of the efforts and work you’ve invested in your past. It’s likely to lead to new learning opportunities that help enhance who you are by opening up your intellectual circuits to a broader vision of the horizon. Journeys and voyages are defined and highlighted through out the entire upcoming year and plans that take any kind of structure are likely to come through in powerful ways.

Be willing to step into the role of teacher and student. As much as you are about to learn regarding life and yourself you have an equal amount to give back. Your thoughts and communications will reach out and touch far more people and in a less personal way. You see things from the tree tops rather than from the middle of the forest. This is your chance to grow upwards and outwards and embrace incredible and powerful new goals and dreams.


You are touched by this powerful planetary alignment in deep and passionate ways, Libra, and more than ever it has become important that you learn and understand your own truths and desires and needs. Your connection with people in your life takes on an intensity that brings you to some important inner understanding and revelations.

You are always eager to please and keep the environment peaceful and harmonious but during the upcoming time period it is equally important to know when to rock the boat to stand up for your own beliefs and desires. The way to maintaining equilibrium and harmony is by acknowledging your own inner voice and giving equal time to it. Important and powerful people are a constant in your life right now and their assets and personal resources have a strong influence on how you ‘do your life’.

Learning to tune into your own inner wisdom and intuition will help you guide yourself forward. Most of your answers will be found resting deeply inside as the outside tends to reflect the need for knowing yourself, your aims and your intentions.

You’ll find yourself reaching new levels and intensity of passions, sensuality and desires when you balance what you seek with what is available in your world. Know your truths…and be willing to accept the truths of others and find a way to make them both work.


The line up of planets in Taurus radiates through your house of partnerships and important commitments, Scorpio, and will bring you strongly into play with the important others of your life.

Now is the time to understand your issues around faith and trust and to work through personal fears and barriers that hold you back from making powerful commitments. “WE” is the word of the times and your input is greatly enhanced when combined with that of the people in your world.

You tend to hold back on your most private concerns, needs and desires and often keep a distance in tact that holds others at bay. Ride over these barriers and commit to building an open and committed relationship with the world.

Become the holder of your own security needs and find trust in yourself. The deep and still waters of your sign are now surrounded and protected by the earthy and powerful presence of the people you share your life with. There is safety around you but it requires your inner willpower to reach out and find it.

There are ways to keep your individuality in tact while preserving the commitment and bonds to others. Inner faith, security and trust are the routes to achieving this. You don’t have to do things alone…and the universe will tend to thrust you into positions where you are required to invest in partners to help ease the way towards understanding and embracing the true joys of sharing.


Today’s powerful line up of planets emphasizes your day to day life, Sagittarius, and makes the future reachable through the most ordinary aspects of how you embrace the routines of existence.

There is a certain sacrificial element to how and what you give to your life and the people around you in life and it is that element that makes your goals and projects reachable. In this period you have to give in order to receive. You have to take tiny steps to reach your ideals and dreams.

You have to bring your visions into play in the world you exist in at the moment. You have the capacity within you to embrace the truest and most empowering facets of joy and abundance…and it is available to you in the very place you are least likely to search for it…right there where you are now. Reorient how you perceive the obligations, responsibilities and duties attached to your life.

Rather than being things to ‘get through’ to walk towards your visions they become the actual and literal impetus that moves you forward. The reality of life becomes the reality structure for your desires and your ideals. You can have what you want and you can have it right where you are in life…it simply requires a focused discipline and intent to build it. Make your spiritual beliefs work for every moment of your life…and you’ll be making your life work for you in powerful ways.


The universe has opened the doorways to your heart with the empowered line up of planets in Taurus and the earthy, grounded energy is perfectly to your liking Capricorn.

There has never been a better time to build joy and happiness into your life. Your imagination creates the impetus and vehicle for change in your world. Understanding the need for enjoyment, play and love will guide you towards finding it. Love in the romantic and physical sense becomes an important field of growth and all of your desires in that area can come into play at anytime in the day, week or months ahead. At a certain point in our lives our souls need the freedom to let our hair down and simply frolic in the world around us. It’s as important as air and food. Make time to experience who you are in your heart and in your own soul. Be open to investigating new ways to express yourself and new ways to tackle goals and obligations that takes on a lighter and less serious outlook.

Be willing to take a bit of a gamble on life…it isn’t there for only work and upholding responsibilities…it exists to nourish your own enthusiasm and wonder at what the future can bring.

Take a peek into your personal talents and creative resources as well..some amazing gifts can surface in the journey ahead and they take you towards new adventures, new opportunities and new experiences.


The super charged energy in Taurus is grounding you out and focusing you on your home and all the activities attached to it, Aquarius.

Having and growing roots is an important asset to work towards. The feelings can be overly repressive or confining if you’re seeking your freedom and independence in the outer world as there are obligations and responsibilities that are conforming, traditional and rather demanding.

They can seem to go against a rebels soul. But having a stable base beneath you is actually the most liberating thing you can do for your life and your future during this time. It empowers you to move out into the world as strong and as nourished as is possible. It provides you with a shelter to recoup within…it gives you security and strength to experiment with.

You can create a world that is intimate and personal in any way you want to…it only requires your efforts, your focus…and your belief. There is no need to break free…simply because freedom is one of the universes guaranteed gifts and it has nothing to do with where you are…what your obligations are…or where life has taken you. It’s an inside job and accepting it…embracing it… leads you to some profound revelations that could be discovered in no other way.

So go ahead…create that dream home…buy some land…make living arrangements that nurture or support your reality. Decorate and remodel…earn extra money to buy something you want. Live in the world that exists right here and right now…and create your own personal statement in the same spot. Making a statement to the world…is as simple as living the statement in the here and now…in your very real world.


Your close world, the world of your intimate and personal friendships…the world of your family and your connection to them comes under the powerful influence of the stellium of planets in Taurus. Communications, messages, interactions and the most mundane of exchanges are all growing fields that allow you to take control of your life, your thoughts and your ability to create a world of your dreams.

Pay attention to how you get your points across…to how you represent your dreams and your beliefs with your speech. Think of the world you exist in as the most marvelous piece of clay that you can sculpt and mold to fit everyone of your perceptions. You are the visionary…you are the artist…your dreams and desires create the visions…your words and your efforts make the work of art.

Use your words to form a supporting structure for your beliefs. Strengthen the connections in your life by sharing more of who you are in the bottom of your soul. Be true to your ideals and your ideas. Talk and talk some more about where you want to take your life. E

very word you speak and every effort you make at believing in your dreams will take you closer and closer to realizing them. Reform bonds with family members…let them get to know who you are…enjoy the world that supports your life and don’t be afraid to make changes that you know are needed by building in reality and using persistence, inner belief and courage.