Early in the year - February - you may find yourself a little dissatisfied with the income you make from your career, and friendships might be a challenge. In late spring early summer you might make different choices that somehow involve education, learning or retraining. It would be a good time to do writing be it words or music. Prior to June check that your vehicle especially the brakes are working, this is not the year to neglect basic maintenance on the car. On a romantic or creative front the second part of the year could be quite rewarding. If you have children you might find that their lives are eating up your time. Having fun and enjoying life might be a high priority making you desire travel and/or adventures. In the fall when Mercury retrogrades in Libra relationships with others in general might be trying, avoid signing contracts the latter part of the year. You might have an urge to overspend this year, by the latter part of the year you will be paying the piper - budgeting your resources before it gets out of control might be a good idea. Career changes are highlighted this year, unless you are planning this - consider where you are and where you want to go, and prepare for an interesting ride.


Career, money, partner and home form the back drop for the year. Your reserves may have been taxed in the past year. Home is likely to have become more befitting your needs, grander somehow or that is about to start. There may be some dissatisfaction with possessions, and personal funds - perhaps simply in terms that you have built up long term assets and now feel cash poor. Your work/career situation may be a little unpredictable this year - mainly outside your personal experience, i.e. a lot of changes with co-workers. It isn’t the same I guess is the theme. It mightn’t be a bad idea to re-decorate the areas where you do your work, the mood of the place is important. Early in the year you might feel like revisiting your long-range goals, are you still headed where you thought five short years ago or has your progress stagnated somehow. Are the goals you set for yourself realistic? The Venus phase for you could happen with you as the observer not the “experiencer”. If you are married your spouse could have some health problems or issues with law, work or partners, which require you to be extremely supportive. Read the Venus section above, so you don’t go throwing the baby out with the bathwater in relationship matters.


I’d like to know if any Geminis have the time to read this? Saturn moved into your sign what eight short months ago and took all the fun out, life has become work, obligations and now has limitations. On the flip side you are probably dealing with relationships that are changing or for some non-existent. This might also have brought on some health issues at the very least your stamina might be somewhat depleted. At the same time there is an impetus to decide direction your life should take from here on out. This comes into full fledged scrutiny mid-July when Saturn and the North Node of the Moon have their gathering - doubly so if you were born in the middle of the sign - around June 3-6. The second part of the year will bring more comings and goings into your life. More activity, more things to do and a little bit of fun. Siblings, neighbours or a few long lost relatives might become a bigger part of your daily life. Co-workers or the setting in which you work might require your attention in Oct-Nov, hey how’d you like to counsel co-habitants of this planet? You might just be the friend indeed for a friend in need. Do take some time out of working and get some exercise and fresh air, not the year to veg when tired.


Jupiter stays in your sign until August 2. This is claimed to be good, it has its moments. It typically keeps you very optimistic, and may have been the culprit for those few extra pounds. You may have not even have noticed “Santa Claus” with all the inner thoughts, fears, changes and growth you have been experiencing. Health likewise might be fluctuating from feeling great to undiagnosed pain. Any activity that requires solitude and work behind the scenes is favoured throughout 2020. If you are an artist, student, writer, researcher and the like, this time is great - you have the focus to learn and to create. If you are in sales or any other work requiring contact with public, you might find this a challenge, as you don’t like the limelight at the moment. Money situation improves as of August, which can also translate into more money coming in and more money going out, but hey you get to handle more cash. Subtle changes at home or with family, more time to reassess your true needs and plan budgets. Romance wise - October - November - is not good for starting new relationships maybe because they are likely to be started with all the wrong reasons, don’t plan a wedding for that time frame either; before or after those 42 days is fine. Neither is it a good time to conceive.


Your birthday present will be Jupiter that planet of luck entering your sign! It brings with it great expectations, a few extra pounds (not always), makes you optimistic and typically brings a couple of lucky breaks. From mid 2019 to Aug 2020 it has acted like an guardian angel taking the edge off events, call it a proverbial silver lining. Since April 2019 and until next year, the limitations have been in your pursuits for long-term goals and aspirations, the money you earn might not be quite what you are worth, and friendships or the time to spend with friends might be limited. Now’s the time to plan not put into action yet, mid-July will bring clearly perceptions. Communication, relationships and friends and acquaintances and of course the car (put some money aside for additional repair work for the car) come under periodic focus this year - the theme continues from last year. Remember that other than with the car your thoughts, words and ideas are really the things that you can change. People around you appear to change when you adjust your perceptions and expectations. It can be frustrating to cope with grown children living with you, until you put this into proper perspective for yourself. If you are that grown child maybe its time to look at that parent as a person not a provider.


Home and career situation continues focal and perhaps even stressful as the theme in motion continues throughout the year. However, since the latter part of 2019 and throughout 2020, there is proverbial protection - your worst fears fail to materialize. Change is seldom welcomed but when all is said and done it was for the better. January, June and October are the months to re-assess what it is you want for yourself, once the decisions and choices are clear it is easier to proceed in the direction of your choice; and perhaps avoid choices being made for you. Latter part of the year brings neighbours, siblings and other sundry relationships under the proverbial magnifying glass. It is about what is of value to you, so some relationships may fade into the background; or you might even seriously contemplate relocating to ensure a better career path or a safer, more nurturing living environment. The eclipses may bring these two issues into focus - where you live and how you earn your living, and children’s lives or romance and what your aspirations are and who you friends are. Middle of summer can be the timer signifying things (i.e. life) is starting to move along and you can see light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak).


What do you really want, what are your dreams and goals vs. What is easy to fall back on? It’s as if the world is toying with you, you’re the one that needs to be committed to what you want to accomplish. Life is full of options and if you continue to weigh the balances too long you may miss out on an opportunity of a life time. LIVE life to the fullest, cease the opportunities. January, June and October are the months to reconnect with what truly inspires you, and rethink how you can fullfill those dreams. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation - we all make our luck (Jupiter is just the planet that signifies that astrologically speaking). That planet of luck is in your career/avocation house through August and then it moves to the house that signifies the rewards from career type activity. By October and throughout the latter part of the year your priorities, your values and your own assessment of yourself is what comes under examination, not by the world but by you. At that point do you want to focus on regrets or on the positive choices you have made for yourself? Make this your year! June might spell a move or change of jobs or maybe both.


Money, assets, resources and health have become the backdrop of your life. How your resouces are allocated may have shifted, and more of your assets may have become fixed rather than liquid. That’s hard for a Scorpio. It is a thrifty yet generous sign, who likes to know that there is money tucked away out of sight of prying eyes. Invest wisely this year, don’t go after the quick fix schemes, no matter how tempting. January, June, and October are the time re-evaluate resources and truly scrutinize what is important to you and yours. Life’s too short to wait to enjoy life and things life offers - cease the day. Any creative work that is somehow launched is favoured - share your creative efforts with the “world”. The latter part of the year when Venus travels retrograde through your sign might be somewhat tough as it can get pretty personal, think of it as inevitable growth, you might find yourself directing your efforts in an unplanned direction. Pay attention to your continued well-being, and if you are feeling under the weather at that time (year end) do visit your physician or health-care provider. Studies launched at the end of the Venus cycle (i.e. that direct station on Nov. 21) bear fruit down the road, no instant gratification with this one.


The theme where you are getting to really know yourself, changing your approach to life and your attitude in general vs. Spouse, partner and people in your life general and whether you want to keep them in your life continues. Travel arrangements, siblings and other sundry relatives, work and your mundane existance and career. Mid-January might start a process where you consider employment or changes in employment this year. January, June and October mark the peak periods of revisiting what it is you want to accomplish and why - take action outside these months for better more long term results. Mid-October through November marks a time of inner quests, and you might find yourself unusually asocial while the world and the people in it still keep placing demands on you. Try to strike a balance because you will need your time out. At that time also do not ignore a pain or general not feeling well, have it checked out. Jupiter in your travel and higher learning area as of August will bring new inspiration to travel, to have fun maybe take up a new study or pursuit, and it will give you a more optimistic, positive approach. Until August you might be contemplating the deeper side of life, and perhaps the interest to learn metaphysical subjects might be sparked, and this interest would likely deepen when the soul searching period at the end of the year starts.


January might bring a shock about money but more than that it is a great time to reassess your priorities and values, and recall what is truly important to you in the first place. Work and career might also come under scrutiny, better ways of doing things or simply the desire for advancement, progress might have you working even harder than usual to achieve your goals. Until August relationships, lots of them (not all intimate) are under a spotlight. New(ish) relationship need to shift to a more committed level come August. Money, finances, mortgages and fixed assets are also a high priority latter part of the year. Mid-October through November is a time when friendships and love given become important issues as do rewards from career type activity. What you are worth and what you deserve are the base issues behind this time frame. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t go putting your significant other on an unrealistic pedestal, because your average human being will come tumbling down, we are all flawed. You have already spent seven years examining your inner self, and since last year you have had people in your life relfect your inner growth back to you - so are you meeting nice people these days? When we change our world changes, as the only person you change is you! Your attitude, and how you choose to feel - do pick happy as your favourite emotion, and people around you will be happy.


Oh, inspiration! January might be a good time to realize that you create your own inspiration. Be accommodating in your one on one relationships as you become a little self-involved. In June it is romance, creativity and kids that need to be examined - do it with heart and mind, not just mind. Not everything in life is logic. Work demands might ease up by the time August rolls around, until then it might be quite time consuming and have new challenges (this started back in July 2019). New partnership opportunities might present themselves after August, the latter part of the year might not be that great for committing to one. Take your time! By the end of October and throughout November you might find yourself reconsidering what your career ought to be, and implement changes in 2003. This is the year to make sweeping changes but only after careful consideration; don’t go throwing out the baby with the bathwater. You might also find yourself wanting more private time with family or engaging in creative endevours. The Mercury periods in air, your element the intellect, might have you feeling unusually indecisive. Follow your heart and make choices that feed all of you not just the logical path, take new kind of risks. November 2020 also starts a an 18-month period where home, family and career come into focus, the need to find balance in your life.


The theme of learning responsibility continues, the invisible force is pushing you toward change while building a solid foundation for your life. You are somehow more housebound and living a more private existance. January might feel like a let down after the festive season, don’t spend too much time dwelling on what could have been try to focus on what opportunities are out there just for the ceasing. There might be a strong urge to focus on the limitations; if you do they are yours. This can be a challenging year for the young Pisces individuals. From July 2019 - July 2020 Jupiter is in your house of romance, gambling, children and creativity promising the world and maybe not delivering, in August 2020 he moves into the house of work, chores and routines… This promises to be a busy year with less time to focus on the don’t haves; you need to focus on the mundane this year and your romantic, dreamy and sympathetic nature may find this a little too much. Notice the good things it does bring, the security that you hanker for is built into this year long transit. Relationships can be a little challenging in October-November when Venus encourages you to look at that committed relationship, work on it - all good relationships take work. It might also push you to look at your finances in a realistic light, and make some positive changes. Th