Astrology can help people with nearly every aspect of their lives and give them guidance to what they should do. It also helps people understand whether they are crazy and savage, or calm, collected and easy going. Honestly, the craziest zodiac sign is literally all of them, because everyone is crazy. However, if we had to rank which one is the craziest, it is obviously the zodiac sign that my partner is. That’s a joke (or is it) but read below to find out which is the most savage zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs

As we all know, there are some zodiac signs that we simply expect the worst from, as those are just born mean. However, before we go into all the juicy detail about how crazy and savage some zodiac signs are, let us acknowledge the zodiac signs that everyone loves and appreciates. I will split each zodiac into three different groups: nice ones, savage but nice ones, and finally, mean girls of the zodiacs, you guessed it, those are some of the craziest zodiac signs. Now, let’s get into it.

Most chilled

Aquarius, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

These four signs are the most chilled and loose of the 12 zodiac signs. Although you won’t see these signs acting too savage or crazy, you will find them being so kind and caring, that you still wonder if it is even genuine. No worries, you can trust that it’s real because the stars say so. Aquarius is considered by many to be the kindest sign, and the least confrontational as they hate drama and conflict. This can often be detrimental for these kind-hearted individuals, as their kindness is often taken for granted meaning that they tend to build walls to prevent themselves from getting hurt. This is a common theme not only Aquarius but also all four of these signs, as well as some of the signs that are savage but nice.

Savage but nice

Taurus, Aries, Leo, Pisces

These signs, particularly the Taurus, are considered to be very solid zodiac signs, as they are calm for the most part. However, if they are pushed too far, then they are fully capable to go nuts instantly just as badly as any of the fantastic four in the next group. They will never be the meanest sign, but they can do some real damage to others if provoked. This, however, is unlikely as these zodiac signs are generally considered to be some of the kindest and most thoughtful out of all. Aries, Leo and Taurus in particular are all known to be very nice people.

Out of these four, the one that has the potential to get the angriest is the Taurus. If you provoke the bull, then you better be prepared for the horns. Other than Taurus, however, Pisces is the craziest out of these four. Pisces are considered to be the most sensitive zodiac sign, as there are many things that are able to set a Pisces off. Pisces are known to not be the most confident, however, so they are likely to throw the first punch in a fight in order to try and catch an individual by surprise before confidence becomes an important thing.

Craziest of all

Capricorn, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio

This is the Fantastic Four. The quadruple punch. These signs are simply the four that just DGAF. They are known to live their life exactly the way they want to, without anyone else’s opinion being able to change how they feel. The biggest reason these are the craziest signs is because they are very unpredictable and can turn on a b*tch at any given moment. Be careful not to aggravate these signs. It is well known fact that when you get in an argument with a Scorpio, you are digging yourself a grave because they will not calm down until you have started to cry ugly and even then, they will continue to tell you what’s up and get all up in your face. Simply conceding your thoughts so that a Scorpio or any of the other three signs will save a lot of time and especially energy. So take one for the team and let them think they won this round, even though you actually did because you were able to make them stop talking. Be wise.

The most feared sign out of the Crazy Four is none other than, you guessed it, the Scorpio. The reason that Scorpios are crazy, is because they are so passionate about life and just want everyone to be passionate as they are about it all. Obviously, it would be better if they showed you this passion without yelling at you, but, I guess, we all just have to take the good with the bad (even if the bad is really bad). Scorpio people love to get what they want and will stop at nothing to make sure that they get whatever they are after.

The second spot for the craziest zodiac sign goes to all the cancers out there. People who were born under the Cancer sign have a different way of showing that they are crazy. Cancer people are like assassins. They won’t run directly into the fight or be known as great warriors, but they will most likely have more kills through manipulation and secrecy. Cancer people are very protective of what is theirs, so if you ever threaten a Cancers family or friends, then you better watch out, because they will be coming for you in the most sophisticated way.

And there we have it. This is where each zodiac signs lies in terms of how crazy, savage and mean they are. Although this shows people what to expect from each star sign, humans are not as simple as what stars say. So even though it is unlikely for a Scorpio to back down from a fight, there is a possibility that they will. Scorpios are capable of being just as nice as an Aquarius, and an Aquarius is capable of blowing someone up just as intensely as a Scorpio. It all depends a lot on circumstances and environment each sign is in.