To stay healthy while pregnant, there are certain things every woman should take. One of them is prenatal vitamins. This is even more important if the woman in questions is vegan and might lack certain nutrients due to the vegan lifestyle. When pregnant, women need some substances in increased amounts. These substances are folic acid, iron, and certain minerals. According to some studies, consuming folic acid before pregnancy, as well as when pregnant can play a major role in the reduction of the likelihood of autism occurring in a baby.

If you are pregnant and not sure of all the prenatal vitamins you need, we have you covered. This article contains some prenatal vitamins for every vegan mom to be. Read on to find out.


Omega-3 fatty acids are of importance to everyone. But are even more important when a woman is pregnant. But since omega-3 fatty acids are not contained in prenatal vitamins, pregnant women can depend on DHA supplements. Unlike fish which might contain some substances that are pollutants and also are an exception to living the vegan lifestyle, DHA in the right amount will help fetuses develop properly. When taken in the right amount, they can go a long way in helping with the development of the brain, as well as the eyes. According to research, consuming DHA can help in the prevention of postpartum depression.

Rainbow Light Prenatal One

Rainbow light prenatal is a supplement that is very effective when taken just once every day. This supplement contains 30 micrograms of iron. But does not cause any discomfort to the stomachs of pregnant women. In addition to containing up to 30 micrograms of iron, this supplement contains 25 million probiotics which are bioactive and 800 mcg folic acid. As a vegan, you do not need to get bothered about artificial flavors colors, and sweeteners. This is because rainbow light prenatal one is absolutely natural.

Folic acid

Folic acid is a B vitamin that occurs naturally. It is an important vitamin that every pregnant woman should take because it is of major help to the neural tube of the fetus. The neural tube of the fetus ends up as the brain and spinal cord. This, therefore, makes it of utmost importance. Taking folic acid during pregnancy can help in the prevention of spinal bifida. The importance of folic acid during early pregnancy is so important it cannot be overstated. This implies that if you are beginning to consider having a baby, you might need to start taking folic acid now.


As a vegan that does not feed on red meat, it can be difficult to get the right amount of iron that body needs. This, therefore, makes it important to take iron in the form of supplements. While it is believed that taking iron supplements can cause nausea in women, this can be toned down when iron is taken in the form of a liquid supplement. One of such forms is Floradix.