One of the frustrations of hanging up your clothes is doing it in the first place. It is much easier to drape them on the back of a chair or quickly fold them and stick them somewhere tucked away on the floor. However, this often creates a wrinkly mess and then it seems best just to throw it in the laundry. It would also be nice to know the best way to hang up your clothes when you have just laundered them so that they maintain the finest wrinkle-free look. Here are some tips that should help-

  • Pants and Skirts- Hangers for skirts tend to be more adaptable allowing you to use them for both skirts and pants. Use the Skirt or clip hangers with moveable clips to provide a use for the majority of sizes and styles. Trousers can be hung by the waste on the clips or folded gently on the crease so that the crease lines up on both legs.
  • Hangers- The best hangers for all clothing are wooden hangers. Their valuable features are why you will often find them in the closets of your nicer hotels. They are curved in a way that makes them shirt friendly, and the thickness of the wood provides a stronger resistance against wrinkles and shoulder bumps. If you don’t have the room for many wooden hangers (they do take up more space), then save them for your nicer shirts. [caption id=“attachment_9518” align=“alignnone” width=“760”]clothes-hanger-429279_1920-760x507 via Pixabay[/caption]
  • Suits- The best hanger for suits is a suit hanger with a pant bar. The wider shoulder on the suit hanger provides a better hanging experience that supports the weight of a suit or coat.
  • Belts and Ties- You can often hang the belt on a hook from a hanger and roll up your tie and place them in a storage box. However, finding a rack made especially for the purpose of hanging belts and ties might be a better option.
  • Sweaters- Don’t hang sweaters! The heaviness and fabric used for sweaters create shoulder bumps and can stretch out the collar when you hang them. Make sure to fold these and put them on a shelf. If you have to hang them, then use a wooden hanger and hang them over the bar with a piece of tissue paper lain between the bar and the sweater.
  • Jeans and T-Shirts- If you have the room make sure to fold your jeans and t-shirts placing them on a shelf or a drawer. These will be fine simply folded and placed gently in one of these areas. This strategy will allow you more room in your closet for items that must be hung and enable them to be more free from bumping up against each other and causing wrinkles. This tip goes for pajamas as well. Don’t take up valuable closet space with clothes that you are just going to wear to bed and that which the general public will never see you dressed.