Considered the most profitable company on Earth, which is saying something since oil and banks are their competitors in the top ten, Apple has come to dominate the computer and mobile world. But with their new release of products have they become the super rich Bond villain that will change the world for the worse or have they simply lost their mind? Or have they blown our minds with their new products?

It was announced on September 7 that Apple would be releasing its new iPhone X (10) and in this model, they would eliminate the finger print lock and replace it with a 3D facial recognition security feature. That is cool, but it is the other bit of news that seems odd. They have invested much money and effort into Augmented Reality, which is a bet that could make them seem genius or foolish. In my opinion, it will make them seem foolish. Here is why it is foolish- Augmented Reality is a novelty gimmick. It’s like silly putty. It seems cool at first to the enthralled buyer, but in the end, it has no real lasting qualities and ends up in the bottom of the toy box. I have researched this, and in its current form, there is no real benefit to augmented reality. The only way it would seem to make augmented reality something useful would be to incorporate it into a contact lens so that it would be convenient and a fully immersive experience. Having it on the phone or even glasses is clunky and awkward, but even contact lenses come with their drawbacks. Who wants to have to wear contact lenses so that they can have some extra bit of info while looking at an object? Why not just use your mobile device? Apple is selling this as the next big thing in video games, but they have missed the obvious by ignoring virtual reality. Again, who wants to play video games so that it looks like it is taking place “in the real world” through a screen or glasses? Not me! I don’t want any of that cheese.

But what are the dangers of Augmented Reality? If this does take off and become popular, then it could change the way we as human beings function. Eventually, it would grow into a necessity for almost all people in order to operate in a society (much like cell and smartphones have over the past twenty years), and our lives would change drastically. People would come to rely on computers in a way that is seriously unhealthy. They would then be at the behest of governments and large corporations ( A more extreme version of the dystopian 1984), those who control information and disinformation. With all the problems that the internet has today, it would be multiplied a hundred fold. Isn’t that right Mr. Bond?

However, there are some cool fun features on the new iPhone, but it doesn’t compare to the real and practical device that blows my mind. Where Apple excels is developing new hardware and implementing it into our daily lives. The new Apple watch is the real winner of their recent convention. Finally, we have the Super Spy watches of the future. The new line of watches will allow the wearer to speak over the phone on his watch without having their phone with them. The new cellular watch is why Apple continues to be one of the most successful companies in the world, and I hope to have one on my wrist soon.