When you want to explore your life and you are intuitive, you will see that you can lead your thoughts to a path of healing.  When you think back on a past life, it is important to know that everyone has had one.  You might not understand it and some people don’t even believe it, but the more open you are to this idea, the faster you can heal yourself.

If you have ever had a psychic reading, you might realize that you have some things in your past life that are holding you back.  You might find that you have had an affair with a married person or that you have turned down being married to someone that loved you.  You might have past trauma or have lost someone that you love.

Not everyone will experience things about their past life and some people refuse to be open-minded, but as soon as you allow yourself to look deeper, you can start healing.

How Does This Affect Us Now?

Our past life can impact who and what we are no.  Bad things do not always fall away and even if they do, they only do to a point.

The Earth is our home and there is both darkness and light in the Earth.  We are able to experience both things and we see things that have happened to us that have brought us challenges.

When we look at our past life, we will see that there might be negative energies that are attached to us and when we dig deep, these negative energies can trigger things in our mind that cause us to feel haunted by our past.  It can cause us to be fearful or to be frustrated or have low self-esteem.

Some people can benefit if they learn to get healing from their past life.  You can learn to heal and sometimes you have to get a psychic to help you.

Life Readings

Some psychics will offer to read to you about your past life.  This can cause you to heal and can help to bring up traumatic events from your past life that you knew nothing about.

When you are clear about what you have gone through, you will find that you can heal and you can get help to make it through hard things.


If you have trauma in your past life, you might have stress that has followed you.  Some methods of cleaning require you to really dig deep and to find out what surrounds you.  This means that you will need to know what trauma has surrounded you and how you handled it.  Did you run or did you face it head-on?  Sometimes when you have past trauma, you will fear things and it will cause you to have negative energies.

Human beings that go through traumatic events will have fearful instincts and will want to hide and often times have nervous sensations or PTSD that is unexplained.

The body will begin to heal when you can learn to release this energy and your physical body will be a great way to your healing process if you learn to open up.

For example, if you were raped or killed in your past life, chances are you want to defend yourself and fight when things come upon you.  This is the energy that can cause you to have trauma in your present life.  Sometimes, you will want to fight, and you don’t know why but this is because you regressed what happened to you in the past life.

Some of these feelings will come up and you have to be healed and have to learn to protect yourself.


Understand that many people regress what happened to them in their past life and they have a hard time healing because of it.

When you can connect your good memories to things that you have experienced in the present, then you will open your subconscious mind to the past and to the traumas that you experienced in your past life.  This will give you an opportunity to heal.

During your psychic reading, you will see that you have gone through traumatic events, but you will also see that you are able to heal yourself and clear this from your life.

If you feel that you have past life trauma, learn to get help and find someone that can help to heal your past and clear your negative things from your past life so that you can be healed and fulfilled.