Heineken, in its #OpenYourWorld campaign, challenges its viewers to have honest, open discussions with those holding opposing views. In the wake of Pepsi’s infamously tone-deaf commercial featuring Kendall Jenner, companies may opt to shy away from political advertising, but Heineken’s video is the opposite of what you may have come to expect from a beer commercial and gets right where others completely missed the mark.

In the ad, two individuals, who don’t know that they have opposing views on a certain topic, are put together in a room. After being asked to complete a task together, the two are shown videos that reveal that they disagree on a key issue and are told, “You now have a choice. You may go, or you can stay and discuss your differences over a beer.”

Conversations have the power to reveal the complexity of issues and, as one participant stated, “life isn’t black and white.” Check out the full video below: