Driving down Ventura Blvd the other night I noticed a looming bright green billboard off in the distance. I registered that I had not seen it before meaning that it was relatively new. I got closer to it and I saw that it read “calabasas is the new abu dhabi.” Now as a current Calabasas resident I was a bit confused my first thought was “shit I need to Airbnb my house I’m about to make so much money” my second thought was “oh it’s just my neighbor Drake thirsting for that attention again.” That got me thinking I really think Drake has an unhealthy obsession with putting up billboards and yet I’m fascinated by how versatile his usage of billboards is. He goes from using it as a sort of love letter, uses it to teach us some basic math, blesses us with sort of a variation on T.J. Eckleburg’s “eyes billboard” in The Great Gatsby (the 6 is watching…). Let’s take a closer look at Drake’s billboard record.