You have friends that swear by them and books that explore their holistic healing properties—Himalayan Salt Lamps illume pink in potence, mysteriously imbued with magical abilities to naturally heal, reduce stress, and purify air. You may have seen the incandescent, egg shaped rocks light up the window of a small healing shop or adorn the shelves of your local yoga studio.  And so you wonder what the hype is  behind these glowing hunks of salt, gently hand crafted to exude positive energy and a refreshing wave of fresh air.

While these luminescent lamps are lovely additions to your home, the benefits move far beyond the borders of basic beauty and aesthetic. The mystifying, luminescent crystals appear to be straight out of a fairytale, using their natural powers to emanate fresh air, positive energy, and a general mystique only found within the walls of zen spas and warm environments conducive to relaxation. Multifarious in shape, these Himalayan gems come in a multifarious number of forms from cones and circular shapes to prisms and pyramids.


Named after the Himalayan Mountains they are hand mined from, the salt crystals were formed over hundreds of centuries ago, deep within the foothills. These unique salt lamps act as a natural ionizer in the process of heating the salt with the light of the bulb, to release negative ions into the air that are usually found by mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. These ions then bind to positively charged dust particles and bring them to the ground, purifying the surrounding air in the process.


Meanwhile, the profuse emission of negative ions prompts biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin, the chemical that regulates happiness and is responsible for maintaining a positive food. Each lamp is beautifully radiant, emitting a warm amber glow that illuminates both the room, the body, and the mind with the remarkable ability to lift spirits, decrease chances of catching a cold due to less airborne viruses, naturally dilute odors, and make it easier to sleep at night.

Mother nature’s gift to man, Himalayan salt lamps are an organic, therapeutic, and all natural way to reach the mind and body. They can alleviate asthma symptoms and allergies, help with sleep problems, reduce stress levels, and increase energy reserves. Something is definitely in the air, and it’s revolutionizing the conditions in which we sleep, breathe, and live our lives.