For a majority of newly-engaged individuals, it’s usually exciting to shop for the perfect wedding ring. However, for couples who are in the active lifestyle, so much has to be considered.

You have to think about the ring safety, comfort, price, and many other concerns. On one hand, it feels awkward not showing your ring after you have just tied the knot. On the other hand, you feel uncomfortable wearing a metallic ring. This may be because you feel it will interfere with your routine or you risk losing it since you paid an arm and a leg to get it.

So, what should you do at such a point? Well, just think QALO (Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoor), a manufacturer of silicone wedding rings. Founded in 2012 by KC Holiday and Ted Baker.

QALO was originally launched to offer men and women in the outdoor sports world a better alternative to metal wedding rings. Now, the rings are drawing interests from the military, firefighters, carpenters, electricians, medics, and many other professionals. Because of this, QALO silicone rings are disrupting the billion-dollar wedding ring economy.

Targeting the Economy Consumers

It’s estimated that the average cost of a traditional women’s wedding ring is $7300 and that for men is $600. This is significantly expensive considering that it cost you just $19.99 to get a QALO silicone ring.

Holiday and Baker wanted to provide the economy customer with a cheaper but valuable ring alternative that they can replace easily. Even though the target market is the economy class, this does not lock out the opulent members of the society. A good number of them are going for these rings to supplement their expensive gold and silver wedding bands.

Safety and Comfort Are a Priority

There are several concerns attached to metallic wedding rings. For one, it’s your finger that has to give in when the ring is placed under high pressure and not the wedding band. This means pain and discomfort. The QALO silicone rings are designed in a flexible way to give in first so as to protect your finger.

Unlike the metallic rings, the silicone rings are made of heat-resistant, non-conductive, and nonallergen material. This means they are safer for individuals with sensitive skins. In addition, the rings are lightly built to make them easy to work with. This aspect is driving more consumers into buying the rings.

Versatility and Convenience

Though QALO’s initial target audience were the athletes, so many other professionals are going for these rings because they come in amazing styles. There are rings for everyone depending on lifestyle and taste. Currently, there are more than 30designs. In terms of colors, there are bolder options and others with a minimalist look. You can find the trendiest designs by looking at the 10 most popular QALO women’s and Men’s rings.

Clearly, no one saw it coming, not even KC Holiday or Ted Baker when they founded QALO. The silicone wedding ring manufacturer has achieved so much in less than a decade. Their contribution is globally felt as the rings have become the new trend.  We can only argue that QALO is here is to stay.