When you want to help yourself or a loved one feel less stress and more comfort, finding the best weighted blanket for anxiety tops the list of things to do. Decades of scientific research has shown that an anxiety blanket truly helps people that have been diagnosed with this and other issues. The maximum benefit comes, however, only if you buy the right weighted blanket for the particular person’s needs.

These cozy and comfortable tools are not complicated and no one needs a prescription to get one. A weighted blanket for anxiety has been shown to help improve the serotonin response and promote a calm, peaceful feeling. Follow these tips to make your purchase easier and bring the most comfort to yourself and others.

1 – Get the Right Weight

The most important way to measure the weighted anxiety blanket you buy is by weight. Heavier is not better and does not provide more therapeutic benefits than a lighter blanket. It is important to get one based on the size of the person who will be using.

The general rule of thumb is to purchase a cover that is approximately 10% of the body weight of the user. Most are available in weights from 10 pounds to 20, with lighter ones for children. Never put a child, an elderly person, or someone who is weakened with illness or disability under a blanket too heavy for them to shift easily. For more detailed guide, visit this link from YnM.

2 – Pick the Best Size

Not only should your weighted blanket for anxiety be the correct weight for your body type, it is also important to pick the right size. These therapeutic tools come in everything from a simple lap blanket to one intended for use in bed. However, they do not come in the standard twin, full, Queen, and King sizes. This is because of weighted blanket should never hang down the sides of the bed.

Choose one that reaches the top edges if the person wants to use it at night when they sleep. Because this is highly beneficial for people with insomnia caused by anxiety, this size makes sense. One that just covers the body can also be used as a cozy throw when they are sitting on the couch.

3 – Go for Favorite Fabric and Colors

After you pick the best weight and size, the remaining differences simply have to do with personal taste. What type of fabric, texture, and color does the person who will use the weighted blanket enjoy? A large part of feeling more comfortable and soothed is surrounding yourself with things that do not cause anxiety. A favorite color can enhance the feeling of calm that a weighted blanket causes.

If you suffer with anxiety or know someone who does, you understand that sometimes things just get too overwhelming and some help is needed to feel better again. The scientific research surrounding weighted blanket therapy is undoubtedly one of the most accessible and affordable ways to get that help. Choose the right one for each person who needs the therapeutic comfort and make life more comfortable for everyone.