Vape mods are a huge hit in the world right now. It is essential to maintain your vape starter kits especially if it’s a custom built unit. Regular cleaning and maintenance will allow you to enjoy your vaporizer for a long time. Proper planning is essential when it comes to cleaning your custom MOD or a sub ohm device.

Cleaning involves taking your equipment apart and removing any vapor residue and inspecting the device for any damage. It’s a process that takes time so you’ll need to invest your resources to regularly clean and maintain it. Also, if there is any corrosion or burns on your equipment, you’ll be able to deal with such issues quickly. This article will show you how to clean and Maintain Your Vaporizer.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Vaporizer?

  • Prolongs the life of any vaporizer
  • Inspecting allows you to note any signs of trouble or damage
  • Sustains a flavorsome vaping experience
  • Does not break down prematurely
  • Keeps the vaporizer working well

The entire cleaning process is straightforward. You don’t need to have fancy tools to clean your equipment. However, this is a procedure that takes a long time as it requires detailed dismantling including the removal of the small parts that hold the tank together.

Cleaning Vape Pens

It’s easy to forget that your custom device should be clean especially if you’re transitioning from entry-level equipment to a MOD or sub ohm. Both custom vaporizers and reusable vape pens need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Every component in your device should be cleaned including the coils and wicks even though they are consumable components. Lack of maintenance lowers your vaping experience and deteriorates the flavor from your vape pen. Proper support will allow you to change these parts that prevent a full experience.

Your vape tank can collect chemical residue and discolor fresh e-liquid you pour it in. The liquids can also accumulate a layer in the tub over time. So, it’s, crucial you keep the vape tank clean.

Maintaining Individual Components of a Vaporizer

Cleaning the vape tank is easy. No matter how old it is, you need to take it apart and remove all the small components that hold the tub together. Next, fill a bowl with warm water and insert the tank and all the parts in the container.

Alternatively, you can use an alcohol solution to soak the pieces followed by warm soapy water, wash thoroughly and rinse properly. Use a spare toothbrush to clean the small components of your vaping device.

After rinsing, you can dry with a clean microfiber cloth or towel. Next, assemble the atomizer and put all the parts together and then lube the o-rings. You can insert a new coil to improve the taste of the flavors.

It’s easy to clean the exterior of your vaping equipment to maintain a trendy look all the time. Also, be careful that no water droplets remain in the tank to avoid a shot circuit.