As much the tile floor looks pleasant as much is difficult to maintain and clean tile floors. But it gets much harder when the floor hasn’t been cleaning for many days. If the floor is wiped daily basis, the stain or spills cannot be permanent on the floor.

On the other hand, it gives glassy looks and shiny looks. Anyone can remove dust and dirt without working hard with the household materials. So, have a look at how anyone can make the best use of household materials to clean up tile floors.

How to Remove Stubborn Stain and Clean Tile Floor

You need floor cleaning vacuum cleaner and dryer first. Then some detergent and some extra cleaning solution for stubborn stain. That it! Your floor will shine like a new floor. So, let’s have a look at the tile cleaning method.

Sweep the Floor Regularly

It is compulsory to sweep the floor daily. You may not notice, but the floor gets dirty every day. The dust may come from air or maybe from your shoes. So, remove it by vacuuming or by sweeping. Purchase the floor cleaning vacuum. Vacuum is for removing the dry dirt, food crumb or anything like this.

Mop the Floor

It is essential to mop your floor after sweeping. It clears the floor and removes the dust entirely. To wipe the floor add warm water instead of cold water. Then add 1 or 2 teaspoon detergent or few drops of liquid floor cleaner.

It will glow with a pleasant smell. Then mop the floor carefully and change the water when it gets black. Mopping keeps floor cleaner. The same method goes to hardwood floor cleaning.

Remove the Strain

If your floor has any stain or anything you need to remove it first. Then wipe out the floor with regular water. So, first look at the stain how long it has been. Try to remove any liquid or spills right away when it falls. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove the stain. If the stain dried on the floor, apply disinfectant.

That will remove the stain quickly. You can also make a paste with detergent and warm water. Then apply it and rub the stain with a soft cloth. The stubborn blot will be loose then you can easily move it.

Take Care of Washroom Floor

Whatever the floor of your washroom, you need to take care of the washroom floor as well. The washroom floor gets slippery easily fallen of water. To avoid the slippery and mildew floor dry out the floor. After finishing the bath sweep the floor with mop or vacuum.

Besides, careful not to spill water on the floor. If you have a slippery floor, scrub the floor ammonia mixing with water. Use a plastic toilet brush. Once in Every month try this. The mildew will be removed, and the floor will be looked like new.

Clean up the Grout

After a period you may notice the grout of the tiles that use to attach the tiles gets a darker color. It happens for the dust is stored. That makes it looks darker. However, you can also remove it by applying baking soda or bleach.

Prepare a paste with water and rub with an old toothbrush. The stain will be moved quickly. Once you clean the grout, you will be benefited for a long time.

Dry out Floor after Mopping

Your job is not done after only mopping. You have to dry out the water from the floor. If you walk on the floor when the floor is wet, you will notice a spot on the floor. So, after sweeping with water drying is compulsory.

You can turn on your fan or use the dryer instead. Dryer makes the processing fast. So, it may be used in the office.

Final Words

To sum up, it can be stated that if the floor is cleaned up daily, the floor cannot be dirty easily. Even no stubborn stain can build up for an extended period. So, no hard work have to do to clean the tile floor. Apart from this, tile floor can be cleaned by using the regular floor cleaner such as the product described here. The excessive acid product can be proved harmful to a floor.