Not only are Millennials driving the most dominant consumer demographic in the world right now, but they’re also becoming increasingly influential in the workplace. However, the statistics suggest that just 29% of Millennials are engaged in their current roles, while a further 16% are actively disengaged.

With this in mind, you must work hard as an employer to effectively engage and motivate this demographic, otherwise you’ll find it hard to attract Millennials to your company and retain those already in place.

In this article, we’ll explore this in further detail while asking how you can actively motivate Millennials in your office.

1. Offer Growth Opportunities to your Employees

According to recent research, around 90% of Millennials want to develop their careers with their current employer.

This offers a clear indicator to brands, who must provide an infrastructure that enables talent to flourish and rewards the most talented individuals with clear defined growth paths.

This is an interesting observation, as while it’s often suggested that Millennials like to change their job every couple of years or so, the recent data seems to confirm that they’d be happy to settle with a company that offers them opportunities to learn and grow.

So if you’re serious about engaging Millennials and keeping them motivated, you’ll need to make this step your first port of call.

2. Create a Collaborative Company Structure

The nature of education has also changed during the lifetime of most Millennials, with many having benefitted from an increased focus on teamwork, collaboration and group projects.

As a result of this, Millennials are inherently drawn to collaborative workplaces and methodologies, while they tend to work most productively when they’re exposed to such an environment.

As a result, you’ll need to structure your staff and working environment in a way that drives collaboration and compels employees to work closely with another.

Without this type of focus, you’ll struggle to effectively engage Millennials and run the risk of alienating some of your most talented employees.

3. Make Flexibility a Key Focus of your Businesses Culture

Flexible working has become accessible to everyone in recent times, with employees able to apply for this so long as they’ve being employed continuously by the same company for a period of 26 weeks or more.

Interestingly, this hasn’t always been the case, with the flexible working directive historically exclusive to working parents are carers with a specific role in the home.

While businesses are now required by law to offer flexible working to their employees, however, those that want to truly engage Millennials should look to go above and beyond this simple measure and make it an integral part of their commercial culture.

This means offering greater flexibility to employees within your company, and perhaps introducing the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) into the firm and empowering staff members to use their own hardware in the office.

As a part of this endeavour, you should also consider using creative and innovative rewards to motivate Millennials as part of your businesses more flexible structure. UK-based rewards systems like Perkbox can help you to achieve this aim, as you look to tailor individual benefits packages to suit the needs of specific employees.