I am writing this article to share my story of how I got Best Car Stereo for my car. I bought a new car 2 years back and I was so excited to drive my new baby. Once I sat in the car, the first thing that came to my notice was the car stereo system.

Sadly, the factory fitted car stereo didn’t come with the quality sound, so I was forced to buy a new car stereo. Now started the difficult part, I tried looking at the internet and what I found was just spammy articles with zero genuine knowledge. I worked my way and in a month I got one of the best car stereo for my car.

In this article, I will share general information about Best Car Stereo and different accessories that we use in the car for the purpose of listening music.

Car stereo is of two basic types.

  • Single Din Car Stereo
  • Double Din Car Stereo

Now when I started my journey of looking for the best car stereo, I landed on the stereoauthority.com and this website helped me a lot. These guys at Stereo Authority are doing an awesome job and I got all my basic knowledge from their blog.

So coming back to the topic, I personally like a double din car stereo as it has a video screen that can be used for many different purposes.

However if you are not into the video thing than single din head unit is a good choice for you.

Second thing that matters a lot is the use of android car stereo or you can use Apple Carplay stereo. If you have iPhone then go for a Apple Carplay and if Android then use the compatible version.

Car stereos are also used to attach the rearview camera, this is one of my favorite feature.

Now I am using a double din car stereo of Pioneer company and it is working excellent.

Now you must know that for a quality music you may need a couple of more accessories:

  • Car Amplifiers
  • Car Subwoofers
  • Car Speakers
  • I am using a 6.5 inches car speakers with 8 inch subwoofer. I like an 8 inch subwoofer as it comes with a compact size and is suitable for a family car.

Let me explain sizes of different car speakers here:

  • 3 inch car speakers
  • 5 inch car speakers
  • 5.25 inch car speakers
  • 5x7 inch car speakers
  • 6.5 inch car speakers
  • 6x9 inch car speakers.

Now if you are planning to buy only speakers without car subwoofers than 6x9 car speakers are just awesome. They deliver quality sound and that too without adding any extra subwoofer.

While selecting speakers you may also want to consider the speaker materials;

  • Speaker materials are important in understanding the durability and sound quality of any given speaker. Speaker may include different materials such woofer materials, tweeter materials, and surround materials.
  • Woofer materials; in order to produce quality soothing sound effectively, component speaker or woofers might be made of the stiff material which is also lightweight. Polypropylene is generally good for this type of requirement, especially when mixed with mica, it often gets stiffer which, in turn, provides a strong and clear bass. What you’re looking for is materials that are lightweight, strong, and provide excellent responses. Another point to keep in mind should be that these materials also stand well to heat, cold, or moisture.
  • Tweeter Materials; the type of produced sound is greatly affected by the tweeters. Unlike woofer materials, you should look for tweeters made of softer materials to produce top quality sounds and sounds that are a bit mellow. Textile blends and silk will be much appropriate tweeter material.
  • Surround materials; the surround materials around a woofer are also very important. They facilitate good basses and a free movement space for woofer cones. Foam and cloth surrounds are usually cheaper and should work just fine. Rubber surrounds are known to work the best in all sorts of temperature settings.

If is very easy to install car stereo and other accessories. I just recommend following the guidelines that come with the product.

Before you buy any product, I always recommend checking the buyers review and always go for a quality brand.

Final Words About Car Stereo

I hope I have explained everything in detail about the best car stereos and different audio equipments that are commonly used nowadays. Thanks to latest technology, every day new products are coming with best features.