The modern world is fast-paced and dynamic, but it can really take its toll on your skin, with the elements, stress and fatigue all having a dulling effect that robs you of your youthful looks. However, with a good quality resurface cream, you can undo much of the damage that life causes.

It’s able to restore your skin’s lustre due to the fact that it penetrates deep down beneath your pores, removing impurities and restoring the health of skin cells that have become damaged. With this kind of product, you literally shed your old skin, revealing a more natural, smoother complexion that’s free of discoloration and marks.

Deal with Acne Scars, Dark Spots and Melasma

The great thing about a resurface cream is that as well as making your skin feel that much more youthful and radiant, the nutrients it provides are able to reduce the appearance of dark spots, textured skin and melasma acne scars. In fact, there are even some types that come with added sunscreen, meaning that you’re protected when you go out into the UV rays that can lead to discoloration.

Another of the benefits of a good resurfacing cream is that because it also comes in a Vitamin A-enriched formula, it naturally makes you look younger.

The natural minerals that cream like this delivers to the epidermis are able to smooth over any rough patches you might have. What’s more, the antioxidants eliminate bacteria and remove dirt from the surface of your skin and whilst this cleansing routine may sometimes result in temporary breakouts, you will end up with brighter, more vibrant skin after just a few repetitions.

How to Apply Resurface Cream

So, how do you apply the cream? Well, it’s a simple matter of applying one to two pumps into your hand and then applying a light mask. Keep an eye out for any sensitivity issues arising and allow it all to become completely absorbed. You should repeat this process each evening when dealing with unwanted texture, dark marks and acute hyperpigmentation.

It’s not typically advisable to employ a resurface cream at the same time as a toner that purifies or any kind of spot treatment. If you do, we’d recommend applying the resurfacing product to begin with and then swapping to your dark spot treatment when only the largest and most distinct marks remain.

There’s a chance that you might experience a little stinging when using the toner over any broken skin, as it contains alcohol. For this same reason, try and avoid the eye and mouth areas.

You Don’t Have to Suffer With Dull-Looking Skin

If you’re someone who’s been putting up with dull and lifeless skin, we’re here to tell you that you really don’t have to. There are products out there that will gently give you back the youthful look that you deserve and all it takes is a daily application.

Resurface cream should be used as per the guidelines mentioned, but it’s worth reiterating that you need to listen to what your skin is telling you. If it’s feeling sensitive and tender, try not to put it through too much or you will simply end up suffering later further down the line.

After just a few days of using it daily, you should start to see real results. If you do get any temporary breakouts, don’t worry, it’s a natural part of the process and should settle down quite quickly. If the problem persists, it might be an idea to stop using it and talk to your dermatologist.