Most people go to the salon to have their hair straightened. Well, it is a good idea. However, at times you may opt to do it alone in the house.

This means that you need to have a hair straightener of our choice at home. Having it at home may, however, be dangerous if you are not able to use it safely at home.

Here is the guide for handling all types of hair straightener at home for safety:

Switching On the Hair Straightener

When you are ready to use the straightener, you need to connect it to the standard socket. Avoid using extension cables especially the ones whose electrical capacity is lower than that of the straightener and this tricks also be good for your hairs grow.

If you do so, you may end up transferring much heat to the extension cable, something that will blow the extension. When you switch on power from the socket, it should light up the red button on the hair straightener.

Setting the Temperature

Once you switch the hair straightener on, you cannot set the temperature of the appliance. There is a temperature control regulator in each hair straightener. The temperature suitable for you, in this case, depends on your hair or the hair you are to straighten.

The temperature range is generally from 130 to 230 degrees Celsius. However, it is advisable that you use the lowest temperature at the start as you keep adjusting to the level suitable for you.

The best hair straightener that can guarantee you the best result and also which is easy to set is Glamfields Heated MCH. It is handy and heats very quickly.


Straightening the Hair

When you finally get to the hair, you should divide the hair into small stands. Hold the straightener in hand and move it from the root of the hair to the hair tip repeatedly till you feel that your hair is straight. However, do not take it too close to the scalp lest you burn it.

Leave at least one inch from the root when straightening. You can as well use a brush to confirm if it is correctly done. The best straightening brush you can use in this case is the Eva NYC Healthy Heat Straightening Brush. This tool gives you quick way to straightening your hair.

Switching off the Hair Straightener

Once you have used it, reduce the temperature to the lowest. Then you can switch off the power from the socket. Do not unplug the appliance from the socket before you switch the power source off. If you do this, you are in danger of receiving an electric shock.


There is no way you will safely use the hair straightener if you cannot maintain it. Poor maintenance attracts danger. Therefore, you should be able to keep the straighter if you want to experience excellent usage. When cleaning, ensure you unplug it from the socket. This will help you escape the danger of electrical shock.

Final Verdict

The best way of cleaning is using a damp clock to wipe the straightener, both its plates and the housing. Do not use any harsh detergent to do the cleaning. Ordinary soap is just enough.

Proper cleaning helps in removing the oil stains which might have been left in the previous hair straightening which would otherwise contaminate your hair or even break it. What matters most is your safety as a whole including your hair. You deserve a flawless hair.