What is sweet, tasty, and healthy? Most people would say that formula is impossible. You cannot have something that is altogether sweet, delicious, and healthy. Anything that has sweetness is full of calories and sugar. Anything that is tasty has too much fat, sodium, or carbs. So what is this delicious treat? Well, if you read the title you would know it is honey. Honey has been proven to have antimicrobial properties through several university studies. Anything in moderation can be beneficial. While I certainly don’t encourage the gluttonous consumption of it, I do recognize that something natural can contain medicinal qualities.

The best of these types of honey originates from the pollen of the manuka tree or Leptospermum scoparium. These trees are indigenous to Australia and New Zealand. The medicinal qualities of honey, but even more so for Manuka honey, can be utilized through ingestion or topical rubbing.

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If you have a sore throat or sinus issues, then you can help stave off bacterial growth and increased sickness by eating honey. If you have a wound like a cut, then rub some honey in it to help kill the bacteria. I do not suggest replacing physician prescribed anti-biotics with honey, but it is a useful tool for minor medical issues.

Manuka honey can be very expensive. There is an official grading system that designates how pure the honey is and thereby how medicinal it can be. It is designated by UMF or Unique Manuka Factor. They can also designate MGO or Non-peroxide MGO. I believe the difference is dependent on if it is produced in Australia or New Zealand. The higher the MGO count, the purer and better it is for the consumer and the more expensive. It can also be much safer for diabetics as a sweetener than sugar. It can even last pretty much forever. One of the reasons it is an infinite food is that it contains hydrogen peroxide and has a low ph level, which also gives it its anti-microbial properties.

So if your ready for something that tastes great and will help you stay healthy, then I suggest this golden nectar. Throw some in your coffee or tea instead of sugar or chemical sweetener, and I have no doubt it will leave you buzzing.