Are you tired of being overweight? Are you tired of feeling fat, sore, and sluggish? Then you need to take these simple steps from me to lose your first 20 lbs in a month. This plan may not work for everyone depending on your previous efforts and body type. However, it should work for most average people who need to shave down a good portion of their body fat. This doesn’t even need to be something on which you spend a ton of money. You don’t need fancy diet plans to make this happen. All of the diet plans are really just variations on limiting your caloric intake. Just follow these tips, and you should be good to go-

  • Drink nothing but water for hydration- Let me make sure I am clear. Get rid of all juices, sodas, health drinks, flavored waters, alcoholic drinks, and limit yourself to one coffee a day. It is only for a month, so you will have to get over it, but you will be happy you did.
  • Use a calorie counting app- My fitness pal is fantastic. Use the formula within the app to figure out what your caloric intake should be each day to reach your goal. For most men you should limit it to 1500 calories a day and women should be around 1200. Yours might be different, though, depending on size and normal activity so take this into consideration when using these meal suggestions.
  • For Breakfast drink a protein drink- You should drink Muscle Milk, Ensure, Premier Protein or something similar. These are around 100-160 calories.
  • For Brunch eat a hard boiled egg- These are around 70 calories.
  • For Lunch eat a protein bar- These are around 200 calories.
  • For Linner eat some vegetables- These can range from 20-50 calories.
  • For Dinner eat whatever you want within reason- Make sure to limit this to 300-500 calories depending on your caloric intake. Try to eat this no later than 5 PM. If you have an odd schedule, then you may need to substitute this for another meal time. Make sure it is around six hours before you go to bed. Make sure this meal also has plenty of fiber and protein if possible.
  • For Snack grab a BLT- Make sure to eat this around 7-8 PM if you go to bed around 10-11PM. These are around 350 calories and delicious. This may seem like a lot to have for snack, but it is better than eating a ton of junk. Having one of these will help protect you from grabbing a bag of chips or Oreos and snacking all night. Sometimes strategy is better than perceived principles.

As mentioned before this should work for most people unless you have a unique weight issue or have already been using a diet and losing some weight already. Remember fiber and protein are key. Exercising is great also…This is not an excuse to not exercise, but the reality is a lot of people don’t, so at least you can watch what you eat. Happy dieting!