Hey do you think Matt’s there?

A couple months ago, The Syrup Trap wrote a piece on how apparently if you go to Thailand, you’ll just basically keep running into people named “Matt”. Yes that’s right. If you’ve recently lost an individual named “Matt”, check Thailand.

Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism first commissioned this study only to discover that “more than 80 percent of the people roaming the streets of Bangkok” are just American, Canadian, and Australian dudes named “Matthew” or “Matt” (no “Matty”? Rude). The study’s author, Dr. Apirak Saingam confirmed: “We’re not even kidding. It’s like, almost purely guys named Matt.”


And the locals concur. Many now are on the brink of panic with this possible outbreak of THE MATTS. Bangkok governor, Sukhumbhand Paribatra, also pleads, “Please, no more white dudes named Matt.” You guys, THE MATTS are spreading. If you are trying to stay away from bros named ‘Matt’ then another study suggests considering visit neighboring countries like Cambodia and Laos where THE MATTS only consist of 23 and 31 per cent of the populations, respectively.