Despite popular belief, adulting doesn’t have to mean intimate birthday soirees, sipping chardonnay on the rooftop of a bougie five star restaurant in West Hollywood.

You may be all too familiar with the frantic feeling of figuring out the perfect plans for a memorable night. As you browse through the internet, googling anything and everything, you may leave behind a conspicuous trail of desperation- otherwise known as your lengthy search history consisting of the words “fun- birthday- activity” regurgitated and spit back onto the web in as many ways as possible. And yet, no luck. At this rate, you can and will most likely end up savoring a chicken fajita at the Cheesecake factory, while struggling to divide the check amongst a long table of guests.

When did getting older mean setting aside the moon bounces and cotton candy machines, outgrowing trips to Skateland, and reminiscing upon back to back games of cosmic bowling. Somewhere along the way, we begin to feel a disconnect with our former moon bounce loving, birthday junkie selves and fall into adulthood. And yet, sometimes getting older simply means embracing your inner eight year old self and using the wisdom that comes with age to appreciate these singular moments. Thus, birthdays are the best opportunity to coalesce these two sides by stepping outside the “Typical” birthday box and engaging in one of the following activities.

Dave & Busters This modern day arcade turned sports bar is the crème de la crème of adulting done right. From an ultimate four player air hockey set to an impressive collection of old-school gaming options, Dave & Busters is the ideal place to enjoy quality cocktails, play the latest arcade games with spatial feedback and virtual stimulation, all while watching your favorite sports team dominate the arena. Keep in mind that after 10 PM, the arcade is exclusive to guests who are 21 and over and there is a live DJ spinning today’s hottest Top 40, Hip Hop, House, and Mash Up hits.

Karaoke Bar Whether you happen to be singing a duet with your best friend, or doing a solo rendition of Wonderwall, a night at the Karaoke Bar is an experience you will not forget. Browse through some song books, have a drink or two, and grab the mic for a good time. There are also a few spots around Los Angeles that offer private rooms that are perfect for more intimate, smaller groups.

Escape Room An escape room is an exciting, real-life adventure game that calls upon players to use elements and clues within the room to escape. The rooms consist of puzzles that need deciphering and interactive mind games that require great thought and critical thinking. A challenging, yet overall intriguing experience, the escape room will have your guests bonding throughout the night.

Laser Tag Remember that bit about embracing your inner eight year old self? The time is now. Gather up a group of your nearest and dearest for a round of happy hour, followed by an intense game or two of competitive laser tag. Nothing will have you feeling ten years younger than running through an eerie space fortress with a hefty laser gun.

Paint-balling If you’re feeling somewhat daring, gather up a solid group of friends and hit the field for a paint-balling adventure. This is an excellent option for adrenaline junkies and those seeking more excitement to the night. Often times, paintball arenas offer packages for special occasions and events that may also make the process of renting equipment, as well as group pricing more manageable.

Korean Spa Night What better way to celebrate your birthday than by unwinding with a spa night at your local Korean Spa. Often complete with a wide assortment of saunas, as well as the option of multiple body wraps, many of these select spas are open 24 hours and can be described as a “mini vacation spot in the city.” Korean Spas also offer a co-ed section where you can celebrated with the entire group of friends. From mud, salt, and ice rooms, to authentic Korean body buffs and facials, a spa night will have you feeling younger than ever.

Bar Crawl A classic, timeless hit, the bar crawl is a surefire way to celebrate a year of getting older. Anyone who has orchestrated a bar crawl extravaganza knows the struggle of getting a group to move from one location to another once the drinks start flowing. All it takes is organizing a list of bars that are reasonably close to each other and include a rough schedule to your guests that highlights the local waterholes of the evening.