Crystal jewelry has become some of the most appealing and graceful ageless pieces of jewelry. Outside of the incredible beauty these crystals offer, they are believed to have healing powers that do wonders for those who wear them. From healing on the spiritual level to the physical, mental, and emotional level, wearing healing crystals helps you to get the same benefits as crystal therapy. These jewels work on the chakras to speed up the healing process.

What are Chakras?

To keep things simple, chakras are the energy points of the body. When a crystal is placed close to a chakra, it is believed they have a healing influence on those chakras. There are a total of seven chakras in the body. Different healing crystals jewelry crystals are said to have different healing properties. A particular crystal is used to bring about the positive healing effects, based on the different needs of the person using them.

The Benefits of Healing Crystals

As mentioned before, different crystals have different benefits. Here’s a look at what these crystals can offer:

  • Red crystals are stimulating. They energize us and are associated with doing daily tasks and physical survival, as well as protection and motivation. Ruby is one of the best examples of a red crystal that works with the energies of the heart chakra.
  • Pink crystals are more gentle, nudging us towards resolutions. Pink delivers feelings of sensitivity. One of the most-known pink crystals is rose quartz, which has a reassuring and calming effect. It also helps to release unexpressed emotions that are preventing us from growing.
  • Orange crystals offer a combination of energy and focus, allowing for creative and artistic expression. The most popular orange crystal is carnelian, which is characterized by its sense of warmth. It is a great crystal for boosting energy, motivation, and enthusiasm. It fosters a feeling of self-worth, and is an important healing crystal. On the physical level, orange crystals support vitality by improving nutrient absorption and ensuring blood reaches organs.
  • Yellow crystals are related to the immune system, digestive system, and nervous system. Fear, stress, happiness, and the sense of contentment are all connected to the color yellow. Amber is said to be beneficial for the nervous system, while Citrine quartz is said to keep the mind clear.
  • Green crystals are connected to the heart. They aim to balance relationships and emotions, encouraging personal growth and bringing about an overall sense of calm. Green aventurine is a great heart balancer, promoting healthy expression of feelings. It is also said to relieve anxiety and make the wearer more cheerful and lucky. Also consider malachite, which penetrates deep to dig out hidden feelings and resentments and eliminate them.

In Conclusion

Healing crystal jewelry offer a great number of  health benefits. Which gem you should look for depends on what you want from the crystal. Different ones are good for different things. So find the right one for your situation and enjoy the benefits that come from wearing healing crystals jewelry.