Breakups are undoubtedly among the most heartbreaking periods in the lives of humans during which people lose their self-esteem as well as the hope for a better future. People cope with emotional pain in different ways, either by trying to channel their emotions or completely ignore them.

Since emotions are bound to surface, regardless of how desperately you try to ignore them, you need to find the most efficient way of recovery. Only by genuinely accepting your pain, you can hope for closure. Naturally, your efforts won’t be in vain, as long as you break off the contact with your ex-partner and remove all relationship reminders.

In case you’re going through a painful breakup, the following recovery tips might help you move on.

Stop every form of contact

The initial rule to follow after parting with your ex is keeping your distance and breaking off all contact. It means no late-night phone calls, desperate messages, or emails, regardless of how tempted you’re to get in touch. The following step would be unfollowing your ex-partner on Instagram and all the other social media profiles, as you no longer need to keep up with his/her social life.

Moreover, it’s absolutely necessary to keep your distance from your ex, as well as his/her friends and family members. Now would be the right time to adopt the motto: “Out of sight, out of mind.” You don’t need anyone to remind you of his/her existence, at least until you’ve moved on with your life. Bear in mind that staying friends is only feasible after letting your ex-partner go, otherwise you risk getting hurt. Visit this page for some useful tips on staying friends with your ex.

Deal with emotional pain

The only way to move on is dealing with the emotional pain that triggers all sorts of feelings, such as anger, sadness, surprise, disappointment, and fear. Instead of pretending to be fine, you need to find a way to channel your emotions, as they tend to be quite overwhelming.

For instance, some people break down in tears, while others challenge themselves by doing arduous workouts to get rid of their anger. Regardless of which path you’ll choose, bear in mind that every person is destined to go through a grieving process in order to heal. Trying to avoid grief will only prolong the period of moving on, as there’s no way to circumvent it.


After taking some time to soothe the pain on your own, make sure you ask your closest friends and family members for support. They’ll be more than willing to provide comfort and useful advice, as well as engage you in activities that would distract you from the breakup. Anyhow, in case your emotional pain is too overwhelming to handle, a therapist can help you avoid depression.

Keep yourself busy

An essential rule after a painful breakup is keeping yourself busy in order not to think about your failed relationship. Therefore, you need to come up with a routine that would engage both your mind and body in doing various activities throughout the day. The following link,, will provide you with additional breakup recovery advice.

In addition, you can start by cleaning your room and getting rid of all the unnecessary objects, which have piled up over the years. Although it seems like a dull activity, decluttering your room can be rather soothing. Getting control of the mess will bring you one step closer to taking back control of your life.


Apart from performing household chores, you could do other more relaxing activities to keep busy. You could commence your day by taking a long walk in the park or having breakfast in a cafeteria. Make sure you alter your regular routine in order to introduce more entertaining activities that you were too busy to enjoy before, such as going to the movies or doing yoga.

Get rid of all relationship reminders

During the healing process, it’s normal for common things to remind of your ex-partner, which is why you need to eliminate them. Pack all his/ her belongings that were somehow left in your home, as your heart is likely to ache every time you come across them.

Furthermore, decide what to do regarding all the gifts that you’ve received throughout the relationship. Since throwing them away would be rather harsh, you can pack them in boxes and keep them out of sight until they no longer trigger emotional pain.

Avoid rebound relationships

It’s amazingly common for people to rush into new relationships only days after a painful breakup. Although rebound relationships seem like the perfect solution for overcoming your pain and disappointment, they certainly won’t make you feel better. You’ll probably pretend to be over the moon with your new partner when actually your ex will constantly be on your mind.

Therefore, don’t jump into a new relationship, until you’ve processed your emotions. You’ll only be fooling yourself and your new partner, which is completely unfair, provided that this person is genuinely interested in you. There is nothing wrong with being single for a while till you get back on your feet.

Don’t neglect yourself

Through miserable periods like a breakup, people most commonly turn to self-neglect, which isn’t helpful at all. Self-care should be your top priority, regardless of your relationship status. Make sure you eat properly by avoiding fast food and chocolate every time you feel depressed. Also, getting enough sleep is essential for feeling more energetic.

Moreover, channel your emotions into regular workouts, such as going to the gym, riding a bike, doing yoga, or swimming. Although you don’t feel like dressing up, don’t let your appearance reflect your pain. Doing your hair and putting on make-up will definitely increase your self-esteem. Click here to learn more about the importance of practicing self-care.

Wrap up

Avoiding your emotional pain won’t help you recover from your breakup.

Analyze your emotions and take care of yourself until you’re ready to move on!