BlackBerry makes some of the most elegant and classic mobile phones in the world. Their designs spell class. These phones need some matching cases too. BlackBerry makes some really handsome covers for their phones.

Covers for BlackBerry Motion

BlackBerry has two different covers for the Motion. The Privacy Flip Case protects the phone while giving you full access to all functions even when the cover is on. You can receive calls, send messages or access any function as the screen is fully visible. Privacy is assured even in crowded places with visibility being reduced to 60 Degree horizontal viewing angle. A card slot at the back allows you to keep your cards there. One of the best BlackBerry cell phone cases & covers.

The Hard Shell offers you more protection while retaining the elegant beauty of the phone. Protects the phone from scratches due to daily usage.

Covers for BlackBerry Key2

You have two exquisitely finished cases for your Key2. The Soft Shell gives complete protection to both the back and corners. The soft silicone case is easy and secure to grip. The non-slip case prevents dropping accidents. The case also allows for NFC function. Another one of the stylish BlackBerry cell phone cases & covers.

The Flip Case crafted in genuine leather is a piece that spells elegance. Covers your phone fully while giving a good grip on it. The two card slots help you when you are on an official visit. There is a microfiber lining protecting your phone. This is also an NFC friendly.

Covers for BlackBerry Key One

For their premium brand KeyOne, they have four BlackBerry Cell Phone Cases & Covers.

The Dual Layer Shell is a double-layered hard shell cover that protects your phone perfectly well. The inner layer snugly fits over your phone. The outer layer gives a perfect grip while giving an appealing look.

The Soft Shell is cover made of TPU for durable protection. It gives you a good grip on the phone while not hiding the phone’s beauty.

The Pocket is a simple genuine leather case that makes it easy to talk even when the phone is in it. One of the easiest to use BlackBerry cell phone cases & covers, The Pocket allows you to view the time, date and important notifications while the phone is protected from dust and dirt.

The Flip Case offers overall protection for both front and back from dust and dirt. It allows you to speak with the cover one. You can see the date, time and notification even when the cover is closed.

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