You have probably wondered how so many people manage to always look young, vigorous and lean, no matter how old they are. Every day we see people in their 40s, even seniors, having a flawless skin and a healthy hair. Even more, it is not only a matter of looks, but they still manage to keep up an unbelievable energy pace, leaving you breathless and asking yourself “How in the world do they manage to look and feel like that?” Well, the secret is HGH… the human growth hormone.

Also known as the fountain of youth, HGH is naturally produced by the human body, in the anterior pituitary gland, which is carefully hidden in the brain. It’s called the youth hormone because it helps the tissues to get repaired; it regenerates the bone structure, the muscular tissues and also the vital organs. By doing all this, it furthermore supports the immune system to fight against illness and disease. In short, it’s the main compound taking care of cell replacement. It brings healthy cells that are ready to be used in the system where these were lacking or were sick. It is only normal for the HGH level to decline with aging, getting to only ¼ of the initial numbers, in youth.

Do You Need HGH Supplements?

After the HGH levels are starting to drop, the results are noticeable: your hair will start going gray, your skin will no longer be that smooth, you will start gaining weight when you least expect it, you will experience memory loss moments, you will no longer feel energized and you will ultimately start getting sick. The scientists haven’t discovered yet, why the pituitary gland refuses to produce more HGH after a certain age. At the age of 40, the human body remains dried out in HGH. Even more, at the age of 18, the HGH production gets diminished by 90-95%.

Presented through serious media such as CNN, Oprah, Dateline, Newsweek and the American Journal of Medicine, the anti-aging effects of HGH supplements went to being fundamental for athletic performance. The New England Journal of Medicine clearly presented how HGH can conduct a fast weight loss while building up lean muscle.

HGH Human Growth Hormone Benefits

Let’s make a review and see what the most important health benefits of HGH are:

- A much more elastic skin and therefore, no more wrinkles;

- Rebuilding the lost hair;

- More energy and vitality through an improved cardio;

- Getting rid of insomnia and other sleep issues;

- Increasing the libido and making the sexual act more enjoyable;

- Sharpening the memory, the vision and the good mood;

- Accelerating the immune system to function more properly, hence delivering increased illness resistance and accelerating the wound healing;

- Making stronger bones, muscles while reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Are HGH Supplements Safe?

Back in the old days, it was extremely difficult to increase the HGH levels in the body. It was all about going to the doctors and taking painful shots. Nowadays, all the HGH you need can be obtained from a simple pill.

How Does HGH Supplemet Reverse Aging?

By using this supplement that is a human growth hormone (HGH) releaser, you can increase your strength and allow your body to meet its highest practicable efficiency.

When you take the supplement, your pituitary is stimulated to begin increase in the production of HGH. The pituitary will secrete the highest levels during the teenage years and then production will begin decreasing. Around age forty many individuals begin to report signs of aging that is associated with lower levels of the hormone. It is important to talk with your physician at this time to determine if the supplementation therapy is appropriate for you. The supplement works better when the gland has not atrophied or reduced to low a level.

The supplement stimulates the production of HGH which causes the cells to rebuild and repair themselves. The skin is the largest organ and most of the time the signs of aging are noticed in this organ first. The texture and tone changes, age spots appear, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines cause skin to look older and to sag. Muscles lose their tone and stores of fat build. Weight gain is inevitable when this happens and the ‘spare tire’ around the abdomen appears. Bone density tests show a loss and sometimes it is to the point of disease, called osteoporosis. Vitality decreases, sexual functioning decreases, memory losses occur and mood swings and depression can result. All these signs of aging can be impacted by taking this supplement.

If you begin the supplementation program around age forty, you should notice results as soon as one month. However, if you wait longer or if your body is more depleted of the hormone, you may not see noticeable results for up to six months. One positive note: The supplement can be discontinued when you see the benefits and you resume taking the pill if you notice the signs of aging reappearing. Skin will regain that youthful glow and the signs of aging will diminish as much as fifty percent. Your bone density tests will come out in the normal range, and if you suffer from osteoporosis the disease process will be reversed. You will lose weight as fat cells shed their fat stores and you will gain muscle mass as your muscles ‘bulk up’. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to enhance the use of the supplement.

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