The Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda has 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. If you were thinking of a place that you can relax and enjoy the mesmerizing nature with a wonderful adventure, Antigua and Barbuda is the place to do so. The island is full of rolling green hills, towering palm trees and endless stretches of sands. With every single beach of the 365 beaches from the famous pink famous sands to stunning blue waters and all are open to the public, the only challenge here is to pick your favorite.

Discover our choices for the best 6 beaches in Antigua and Barbuda:

1- Dickenson Bay Beach

On the North West coast of Antigua and Barbuda lays Dickenson Bay Beach one of the best beaches in Antigua and Barbuda and one of the most popular. With its sugary white sands, beaches and calm water makes this beach a perfect destination for swimming and sports activities. It is home to a number of big hotels, resorts, and restaurants. The range of water sports and activities rental is seemingly endless from parasailing to jet boating to banana boating. The views of this beach happen to be supreme from the rolling lush green hills to the beautiful sunset at night.

2- Green Island Beach

The best place to snorkel in Antigua and Barbuda, Green Island is located in just off the island east coast and it is only accessible only by boat. It also happens to be the quietest beaches in Antigua and Barbuda; this island provides many beaches with its velvety sand with a backdrop of colorful foliage. If your idea of your vacation on the beach includes plenty of relaxation, soft sand, clear calm water, and deserted beaches, make sure to visit Green Island.

3- Hawksbill Beach

This beautiful bay was named after the strange looking red rock protruding from the water. There are four beaches on this bay; the first one is accessible to the public, while you need to go to Hawksbill resorts to reach the other three. the first beach is reached by the main road and it is just before you enter the resort, the second and the third beach are mostly reserved to hotel guests and the fourth and last beach is a beautiful white sand beach that stretches along directly in front of the Hawksbill rock and it is lined by tall palm trees providing good shade.

**4-    Half Moon Bay Beach

**With its curved pink and largely protected by the reef, the large reef does help protect the shore and calm the water. The Half moon bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and popular with its windsurfers, with a spectacular 132 oceanfront lands and 3,200 feet of white coral sand and breathtakingly beautiful views. This is a popular beach but visitors will find it slightly less busy than others and boasts a concession stand where food and drinks are available.

5- Pigeon Beach

Set near the heart of Antigua and Barbuda Island, Pigeon beach is a popular place for locals and tourists, it’s a beautiful beach which curves towards the water, and it has breathtaking views of the endless blue waters. Pigeon point provides everything you need in a beach. It is a calm cove with great snorkeling and sunbathing.

6- Jolly Beach

Located in the west coast with a magnificent long stretch of white sand, backed with palm trees, set in a huge bay with jade water, there is a handle of hotels in the beach; this beach is known for scuba trips and jolly dive.

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