The skin on your body is pretty amazing!  It is the largest organ and protects you from the elements.  It is extremely important to know how to take care of your skin.  There are so many things you do daily that you may not know that are very harmful for your skin.  Here are a few:


Washing your skin is very important, but doing it too much can be harmful.  Just like the inside of your body, the outside of your body needs to be hydrated.  Washing to much dries out your skin and makes it more susceptible to break outs.

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Popping pimples

The first thing that you want to do at the first sight of a pimple is to pop it, but I would advise you not to.  Popping pimples can actually spread the acne causing bacteria, causing more pimples.  It also can press bacteria even more into your pore.

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Changing skin products constantly

Women especially love experimenting with different skin care products to see which work, but this is very harmful for your skin.  Women want to see results right away and freak out when they don’t see any chage.  What they do not realize is that it can take up to “six weeks to visibly see a skin benefit from a product”, according to

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Not sleeping enough

Sleep is not only important for your brain and your muscles, but it is also very important for the health of your skin.  Not getting enough sleep has been linked to an expedited aging of your skin.  Sleeping gives your skin a rest and a chance to restore itself

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Not putting on sunscreen

It is said that you can spot a dermatologist at the beach by the guy who is wearing a hat and tons of sunscreen.  Although this is humorous, it is hinting at the very true fact that your skin needs protection from the sun.  Do not skimp out on sunscreen!  It is one of the worst things you can do.  Getting sunburned may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to skin cancer and early aging.

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Not taking off your makeup before bed

Ladies, no matter how tired you are, take off the makeup before bed!  Letting your makeup sit there on your face overnight becomes a breading ground for regular and acne causing bacteria.

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Taking too hot of showers

Be careful of how hot the showers you are taking are.  Hot showers have actually been proven to dry out skin.  I know that it may feel great, but think about making your shower a little bit cooler for the sake of your skin.

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