Moving can be somewhat stressful and overwhelming at times.  This can be escalated when moving out of state.  Here are important things you should know and have before leaving your state and moving to a new one.

Have All Your Important Documents

Your important documents are one of the most important things you should have with you when you relocate to a new state.  Moving to a new state comes with many changes that include new license plates, new licenses, and a new address and zip code.  Important documents you need to have with you when you need to change your car registration and plates are your contract when you bought your car, to prove that you paid taxes, and your recent registration with the title to your vehicle.  When changing your license you may need to have forms of identification which may include your social security card and passport.  If you are married, it is also important to have your marriage certificate with you in the case you want to change your name.

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Make sure your car travel ready

Whether you are moving a state away or from coast to coast, it is important to make sure that your car is ready to make the long journey to your new home.  The week before you move, take your car to your nearest and dearest mechanic and make sure your car’s fluids, alignment, battery, and tires are all good to go.  Safety is extremely important while traveling.  You do not want to find yourself breaking down while moving.  Also, invest in some good windshield wipers in case you hit any storms on your way to your new destination.

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Pack in Advance

Packing is something that you do not want to leave to the last minute.  Moving day is exhausting enough without the time consuming activity of packing.  Try packing up your old home slowly over the weeks before your big move.  You can label the boxes with the specific room that you want the box to go into as well.  When you pack early, it makes moving boxes out of your home that much easier and will save you time and energy.

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Do some research prior to moving

Something that will help save you money is researching possible apartments or homes you want to move into before you move. Staying in a hotel can be very expensive. For instance, if you’re moving to Denver, don’t just limit yourself to apartments specifically in Denver. Instead, branch out and check out apartments for rent in Front Range CO or other surrounding areas. This will not only broaden your search and give you more options, but you may actually find a better range of prices too!  If you have places lined up for you to look at before you move it will shorten the vagabond stage of moving to a new state.  Also, if you do not have a job lined up in your new state, do some research and apply for jobs.  Sometimes it can take months before companies get back to you.  If you wait to apply for jobs till you get to your new home, you risk being without a job for a few months.

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Make Moving Fun

Moving can be fun if done right!  If you are moving with someone and they are in a separate car, bring walkie talkies!  You can also have fun by taking advantage of the cool cities that you will pass through!  With proper research, you can eat, drink, and experience pretty cool things on your way to your new state!  Make this move an adventure!

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