The clean slate one receives when starting a new job can be exciting and scary.  There is an excitement to excel, but also a fear to mess up.  You must remember that all successful people started where you are: the beginning.  Here are tips and advice to help you succeed as you start your career.

Do Your Best and Be Faithful In The Small Things

Whether you realize it or not, your bosses can tell how much effort you put into your job.  Doing your best and being faithful in the small things will speak volumes to the people you work with and your superiors.  Being a good employee means being punctual, reliable, and trustworthy.  When you show that you can be punctual, reliable, and trustworthy in the small things, your superiors will more willing and confident to trust you with bigger responsibilities.

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Be Confident

Having the right amount of confidence is important in the work place.  Although, showing too much confidence can and will rub people the wrong way, so be careful.  Confidence does not mean acting like you know everything.  Confidence stems from believing in yourself and your abilities.  It is about taking instruction and believing that you can accomplish the task.

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Be Creative

Most likely, being hired onto a job means that your employer saw something in you that would bring something new to the table.  Embrace that!  Your superiors love employees that care about the company and want to find ways to make it excel.  Bring new ideas to the table!  Research and think of ways the company you work for can improve on everyday tasks and in bigger picture projects.

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Present Yourself Well

Dress for the job your want, not for the job you have.  When you present yourself well when going to work, it sends the message that you care about your job.  It is small things like dressing well, that will make you stand out amongst your peers.

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Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions

No matter how intimidating some of your superiors can be, do not be afraid to ask questions!  Contrary to what you are feeling, it does not make you seem like you are unintelligent, but instead presents you as someone who cares about getting things right.  Your bosses would most likely rather have you ask questions and get things right the first time, rather than having to make you go back and fix things later on.  Asking questions will save not only time, but money.

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Go Above What Is Expected Of You

Along with being creative, go above and beyond of what is expected of you.  Your employer appreciates someone that not only goes into work, does their job, and leaves, but someone who goes above and beyond what is given to them.  Employers appreciate someone who always seeks to help in any way they can.  After finishing your duties, ask if there is anything else you can help with.  This will make you someone people enjoy working with.

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