This article is a continuation from our last segment that outlined fundamental principles for the beginner to commence exercising and implement a new lifestyle. In this piece we hope to offer you advice on effective workouts that will not only help you gain health and lose weight, but will also serve as a realistic introductory regiment for beginners. This is advice for both men and women from a former personal trainer.

Exercises to Start (always stretch before and after exercising)-

  1. Functional Training- Begin with the exercises that are going to improve your daily lifestyle. Grab a 3 to 10 lb. dumb bell or medicine ball and do bends, twists, lifts, and lunges. This focus will help strengthen your core and the muscles you use every day. Begin with a limited number of repetitions so as not to overdo the exercise. This repetition cycle will be different for every person but use some common sense. It would be better to perform only 3-5 reps for two weeks than try 10-20 a day and give up due to soreness.

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  2. Jump Rope- This classic exercise has continued for a reason. It provides a great aerobic workout with muscle building for the legs.

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  3. Pushups- This activity is another oldie but goodie that is great to get you started. Depending on your weight and fitness level you may need to start with your knees on the ground. That is ok, just continue at your own pace, and eventually you will graduate to doing regular pushups. These are also great because you can do your sets several times a day in many different locations. Do one set in the morning, one at work, and then one in the evening around dinner time.

  4. Jumping Jacks- Believe it or not, this age-old exercise is also fantastic for beginners. Much like jump ropes, it helps your aerobic exercise along with your leg muscles.

  5. Brisk Walking- If you are not used to running, then don’t start by jogging. This idea is a horrible mistake for many beginners. It is not reasonable to begin running at this level due to health issues, stomach issues, knee and ankle problems, as well as motivational problems. Running is hard to get into, so begin with brisk walking (treadmill, outside, in place) and add inclination and distance to develop this before you attempt dashing around the neighborhood. If you are looking for great treadmills for home use, check out Verellenhc. Always watch your heart rate as a target on which you should improve.

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