You definitely have to throw birthday parties for your kids. But you may also be on a tight budget. Never fear, because you can throw a stellar birthday party even on a budget! We often overlook certain things that end up costing more. Here are a few things that may help you to plan your budget better and maybe even save some.


Have the party between 2pm and 5pm so that the guests don’t expect proper meals. You can have light snacks and enjoy more at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!


A kids’ party can never be without activities! However, you can choose to have activities that don’t require much spending. Three legged-races, musical chairs, and charades are a few examples of activities that you don’t need to spend much but they are just as fun as any other activity.

Plan in advance

Planning a month in advance can help you save a lot of money! You can start stocking up on supplies and decoration material. This gives you ample time to compare prices and choose more cost-effective purchases.

Shop online

You can cut costs by shopping online for the party. Instead of the conventional paper invites that cost a lot to make, you can send free digital invites. You can even buy the supplies that are nonperishable and have a good shelf life for the party, online. Online prices are generally lesser than the ones on the market and it saves you a lot of time too. In addition to this, you get more variety to choose from. Buy candies in bulk for children online. Children love candies and Mexican candies are the rage right now. Their shapes and flavors make them ideal for children of all age groups.

Make the cake at home

The cake is probably going to be the most expensive thing in a budget party. You can cut costs even here by baking the cake at home. This not only gives the party a personalized touch but is also easy on the pocket. You can get an inexpensive box mix and make the frosting at home with buttercream.

Divide costs

If any of your child’s friends are having an upcoming party, you could team up with their parents and throw a combined party to cut costs. If this is the case then it is very important that each child has their own cake!

Avoid party stores

It is enticing to buy from a place that has all the supplies and goodies in one place. However, consider the fact that these stores may have hidden costs. They would probably have sets of supplies that they put together for all budgets. If you source your own supplies, you may get a better deal.

Put on your thinking cap and look for ways to make the party more happening. There are many things you can do on a low budget like having themed parties which are low cost like era-themed parties. This is also educational.