Most people realize that one of the major dangers of the holidays is the excessive eating of unhealthy foods. But did you know that you can take minor steps to alter this negative lifestyle in which almost everyone is certain to partake? Begin thinking now about how you can offer or prepare healthier foods that have just as much satisfying deliciousness. Here is your top ten suggestion list-

  1. Rather than eating chips eat vegetables with dips like broccoli, carrots, peppers, etc.- Most people don’t like to think about eating vegetables for fun, but if you add a dip to them, they can be surprisingly fulfilling.

  2. Number one is a good start, but instead of eating the vegetables with dips use yogurt - So you might even take the first suggestion and make it even healthier by replacing the fat filled dips with whole yogurt.

  3. Instead of Beef or Pork eat Chicken or Turkey- This suggestion is obvious but may take some prior planning. Don’t go to the restaurant where you desperately desire their steaks or you may be tempted to give up the chicken/turkey alternative.

  4. Make your own stuffing with healthy ingredients such as whole wheat bread and celery, etc.- This suggestion is for those who insist on preparing stuffing and know how to mix it up. It’s relatively easy to come up with healthy alternatives for ingredients for those of you who regularly make this dish.

  5. Instead of pie and ice cream eat a Chobani “Flip” with 25 different flavors- The Chobani “Flip” is incredibly delicious and even though they contain around 200 calories, they are a great alternative to the unhealthy pie and ice cream.

  6. Switch from mixed cocktail drinks to straight wine or whiskey- Of course, if you intend to indulge in drinking alcohol over the weekend, it is best to do so moderately. However, if you stick to Wine or Whiskeys, you will find these a healthier substitute to many of the sugary drink mixes or unhealthier liquors.

  7. **Instead of serving Pizza eat Turkey, Chicken, or Fish Tacos-**

    [caption id=“attachment_7568” align=“alignnone” width=“400”]shreddedchickentacos3-400x267 via[/caption]

    Tacos are reasonably healthy if you use good meats. As in suggestion number three don’t use beef, and fill it full of lettuce and tomatoes.

  8. Switch your Ketchup and Cocktail Sauce with Mustard or Olive Oil w/ seasoning- Ketchup and Cocktail Sauce tend to be filled with sugars, so it is best to avoid these. Yellow mustard has no calories and is an excellent condiment for almost anything as is olive oil mixed with garlic and herbs. Olive oil is also rich in healthy monounsaturated fats.

  9. **Roasted Cherry or Grape Tomatoes sautéed in Olive oil and garlic-**

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    This suggestion comes from someone who does not care for tomatoes, but roasted cherry tomatoes are amazing when sautéed in olive oil and garlic for a healthy and delicious treat.

  10. **Asparagus with a honey dip-**

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    Asparagus is a wonderful and healthy vegetable that has a great taste and is perfect for holiday parties. Like suggestion nine, sauté it in olive oil for the healthy addition of monounsaturated fats and a delightful flavor. It might be even more delicious with a honey dip that will accentuate the taste. Certainly, honey itself is not the most beneficial ingredient, but it is a holiday, and it will add to the festivity by providing a nutritious vegetable that will prevent your guests from craving sweeter and more unhealthy foods.

Have a happy and healthy New Year’s celebration!