The Greeks are known for their fantastic hospitality which they give without expecting anything in return. That’s why there’s no tipping standard in many of the popular Greek islands, despite the fact that they attract hordes of tourists each year.

Still, it feels good to tip hard-working staff in certain situations even if there’s no obligation to do so. A lot of restaurants make it easy for you by including gratuity in the overall bill, but others don’t. Also, be mindful of the fact that a server may not be able to receive a tip that’s left through a credit card, so it’s always a good idea to carry cash for tips.

Read on for additional advice on how to tip for a variety of services in Greece.

  1. Cafe Servers

Most cafes usually place a tip jar by the cash register and it’s worth dropping a few coins into it if you’ve received good table service. €1 or so is usually enough.

  1. Bartenders

You don’t necessarily have to tip your bartender but if you feel moved to do so due to exceptional service then it’s recommended to leave at least a €1 tip.

  1. Restaurant Waiters

Some restaurant servers do expect a tip while others include gratuity in the overall bill. For the best results, we recommend checking the bill to make sure that gratuity is included unless you don’t mind double tipping your waiter.

However, it’s worth noting that some establishments encourage their waiters to refuse tips altogether, so be sure to check for that before you leave a tip for the busser or server. Also, don’t confuse the “cover charge” in the bill with a tip. This usually refers to the amount required to cover non-bottled water and “complimentary” bread.

  1. Tour Guides

Tour guides typically expect a tip of about €2 to €5 each per day if you’re part of a group tour, or €10 per day if you’re going for a private tour.

  1. Concierges

An exceptional concierge deserves a tip of at least €5 to €10, especially if they’ve helped you with recommendations on the best places in Greece, as well as directions and reservations throughout your stay.

  1. Taxi Drivers

The easiest way to tip a good taxi driver is to give them 5% to 10% of the total fare.

  1. Doormen

A simple ‘thank you’ should suffice for a doorman but if they’ve helped you with getting transportation or your luggage then a €1 tip is in order.

  1. Bellhops

The usual tip for a bellhop is usually around €1 to €2 per bag and no more than €5 for the entire luggage.

  1. Airport Shuttle Drivers

You don’t have to tip your driver but if they went above and beyond their duties to help you with your luggage, then it’s only fair to tip them at least €1 per bag.

  1. Housecleaners

It’s always a good idea to leave a €1 tip per night for housekeeping.

  1. Spa Service Providers

It’s not customary to tip a spa service provider but if you’ve received out of this world service then it’s worth tipping at least 10% of the overall bill.

  1. Stylists

A truly great stylist should get a tip of about 10% of the actual bill, especially if you’re happy with the final look.