Reading is a form of therapy for many people. It can be a source of escape, adventure, companionship, knowledge, etc. Books that have to do with the paranormal can be extremely exciting to read. Here is a list of books with dark themes that will leave you wishing that is was October already.

  1. John Dies At The End

This book is a fantastic read. It’s about something called “soy sauce” sound weird? Yea it’s super weird and horrifically satisfying. You stay completely hooked from beginning to end…when John dies.

2. This Book Is Full Of Spiders

This is the sequel to John Dies At The End and it doesn’t come up short in the least. This book combines comedy, zombies, horror, and intrigue. It truly ensnares you as if it is a spider web and you are a mere fly caught in its grip. Do not read this book without reading John Dies At The End first.

  1. Something Wicked This Way Comes

If your into the occult and have never heard of Ray Bradbury then please excuse yourself now. Something Wicked This Way Comes is an extraordinary book that fluidly combines fantasy and horror, it is about two 13-year-old best friends and their spine-chilling experiences with the traveling carnival that it visiting their town. This book is a classic and will take you back to the point when childhood was still enchanting but the horrors of the real world were just started to break through, this book will not leave you for a very long time.

4. House Of Leaves

This book is a bit challenging but definitely worth it if you are up for it. It is long (over 700 pages), it uses complicated language, and it will try and mess with you (having you hold the book upside in a mirror to see what a particular passage says) so to say the least this book is interactive. If you like reading conservative books then this book is not for you. It all centers around analyzing a film called the Navidson Record, many abnormal and chilling things have been documented on the Navidson Record. It then chronicles the different reactions that the film has caused. It’s seriously riveting, this book is unlike anything else you have ever written I promise you.

5. The Host

Do not let the fact that The Host and Twilight are written by the same author have an effect on choosing this book. The Host is completely different from the vampire series and frankly makes me think that she is not such a bad writer after all. It tells a story about organisms invading the Earth and taking over people’s souls. They set up shop in your brain and take over while leaving the body intact. This is a story about when one human refuses to give up control of her mind. This is a fantastic book that will leave you wanting more.