VR is one of the most popular tech gadgets in 2017 which means that VR games will be one of the most popular presents during the entire 2018. All those horror games and zombie games are histories because sports games are more interesting now. Just imagine playing basketball or ice hockey with your friends and you didn’t need to step one foot out or your home. You don’t have to be a brilliant basketball player to play VR basketball or the best driver ever. All you need are controls and VR. Enough with the small chat, let’s look what the Sports Games VR section has to offer:

VR Sports Challenge

VR Sports Challenge is a combination of different sports made for the USA soil. Why the USA? Well, it has American football, ice hockey, slam dunk contest and other sports which are highly popular in the United States. I like the fact that you can have more games in one and that what makes this Sports Challenge so attractive. You can play matches, you can start a fight during hockey match or you can slam dunk like never before. I don’t know about you but I am extremely interested in trying this game.

NBA 2KVR Experience

Have you ever dreamed you are playing in the NBA? Well, this game will make your dream come true. The moment the game starts you are at the center of the basketball court with millions of fans cheering and you get to pick a challenge you want to play. You can play a challenge which improves your skill or you can play a challenge just to have fun. No matter which one you choose, if you love basketball this game will definitely be a huge hit with you and your friends. The most interesting thing about this game is that you have boosts which look like Gatorade, just like the real basketball.


Now we have moved from the USA into Europe. No, this is not a boarding school, even though the name suggests so, it is a Football Improvement Centre. Yes, this game is all about European football aka soccer. Through the game, you have 40 levels which test your skills of shooting that black and white ball mostly with the head. It will start easy but the further you come, the harder it will be. It may sound like a typical shooting and scoring game, but I can assure you it is not. It includes flamethrowers, bombs, different ball types and other unusual things. Now I have your attention, right? :)

DiRT Rally

All you car guys, I have thought about you too. The Rally is one of the most entertaining video games and the VR developers decided to make their version too. The moment you put the VR on your eyes, you will feel like you are in another dimension. The entire world around you will disappear and you will find yourself in a car - true rally car on the start line. Prepare yourself for adrenaline rush because every road in the game has something new to offer. You will drive on a sunny day, rainy day, through the mud, snow, and sand and there won’t be a single thing that can stop you. This game is awesome for every adrenaline junkie because it will fill your body with adrenaline and you don’t have to spend the money on gas. The perfect combination of both worlds!

Sports Bar

If you are tired and you don’t really feel like playing real sports, you are more for chilling and hanging out, then Sports Bar is a great VR game for you. Basically, it is a bar where you can hang out and talk with your friends over a cup of VR beer. Besides chatting you can play different table games like pool, air hockey or even shuffleboard. The only downside I can see at the moment is the lack of foosball table because every sports bar has to have at least one foosball table! The game is overall pretty unique and you will love it, just don’t forget to actually hang out with your friends in real sports bars after this game.

This is only the beginning of sports games in the VR category and I am absolutely sure that in a year we will be able to play every sport there is in VR. For now, sports and every other VR games have a number of advantages and disadvantages, but if you treat a VR like a gaming console (like you should) you don’t have to weight pros and cons, just enjoy in any game you pick from this list.