Trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers as Ukraine’s official Twitter account tweeted a Simpsons gif mocking the Russian government.

Ukraine was not so happy when Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to Anna Yaroslava (who was born in Kiev and went on to become the Queen of France in 1051) as “Russian Anne.” Noting that Moscow was still undeveloped at this time, Ukraine’s Twitter account highlighted that it was wrong of President Putin to blur the history of the two countries together.

Russia’s official Twitter account responded by tweeting out that, “We are proud of our common history. [Russia], [Ukraine], and [Belarus] share the same historical heritage which should unite our nations, not divide us.”

Ukraine’s replied with a GIF from The Simpsons that featured a Russian ambassador at the United Nations laughing while pressing a button that flipped the name placard in front of him from “Russia” to the “Soviet Union” with a caption that read, “@Russia, You really don’t change, do you?”