There is often a negative connotation with certain body odors. It is assumed that the more you smell, the longer you need to stay in the shower or use a better cleaning product. But what if there was nothing you could do to change your odor? What if the only way to get rid of that nasty odor was to visit the doctor? Here are five body odors that may mean that you need to visit your local physician.

  1. Strongly Scented Urine- If your urine smells, then this could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. If this plagues you for several days in a row, then you might want to make an appointment to see your doctor. However, if you have just eaten certain foods like asparagus, then it might be a temporary side effect from that cuisine.

  2. Bad Breath- If you constantly have bad breath in the morning, but consistently brush your teeth, this may mean that you have a problem with sleep apnea. This condition is associated with having a dry mouth due to breathing through your mouth while you slumber.

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  3. Fruity Breath- If your breath is fruity, then you may have a problem with diabetes. This symptom actually has it own big name called diabetic ketoacidosis. This process is one where your body as it runs low on insulin begins to break down your body’s fatty acids for fuel. This action then builds an abundance of chemicals in your blood called ketones. One of these is acetone and will leave a fruity smell on your breath.

  4. Smelly Feet- This is often a sign of Athlete’s Foot. The fungus and bacteria on your feet will combine to make a nasty funky smell that everyone will notice. Use Lotrimin or Tinactin as anti-fungal creams or a foot powder like GoldBond to create an environment that will restrain the spread and growth of the fungus.

  5. Stinky Excrement- This may seem odd unless you believe your poo don’t stink. However, if your waste is extremely pungent, then this could mean you are lactose intolerant. Your body must produce a chemical called lactase, which digests lactose properly. If your body does not produce this enzyme, then your digestive system will transport the lactose directly to your colon where the bacteria will ferment it and cause a foul odor. This disorder is why many people who are lactose intolerant if they have the wrong amount of dairy, will be very gassy. If this is a problem for you, then you should see a doctor for advice and to rule out any other intestinal conditions.

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