When looking to purchase any new piece of technology, taking time to research the best specifications will help you purchase the right thing without wasting any money.

Gaming laptops should be well suited for your needs, so there are a number of specifications you should look for before you buy. Keep reading to learn more about the specifications you should be keeping an eye out for.

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Here we go:


Resolution is by far one of the most important aspects of a gaming laptop. It can mean the difference between completely enjoying a game and hating it!

The best gaming laptops have a higher graphics processing unit speed, with the best one being around 1080. This will help the game display the way it was meant to: with stunning graphics that look realistic during gameplay, allowing you to really immerse yourself fully in the game.


Another important thing to consider is storage space, seeing as how you will need to save your games. It is safe to say that you will need a lot of space for these things, so you should try to find a gaming laptop that has at least 1TB of save space. You can also expand this storage with SSDs or with external hard-drives that you purchase for yourself.

Your storage will be up to you but know that many computers will run a bit slower if they are clogged up with too many things to remember! More storage is always better.


When it comes to a gaming laptop, you are probably wanting to use it for gaming at home and on the go, so size and weight will matter and will come into play in your decision, but these are completely up to you.

Most agree that the most portable laptops will weigh less than five pounds and will have 13- to 14-inch screens. However, depending on how portable you need to be, you could choose a laptop that has a 17- or 18-inch display. It is all up to you!


These two elements will determine how fast or slow your game will generally load and play. A better processing unit means quicker load times and it can prevent things like lag, which is one of the more frustrating problems gamers come in contact with.

Most people recommend an Intel Core i7 or i9 CPU and will say about 16GB of RAM will work, but an upgrade in the future is recommended.


Other things you should consider for your gaming laptop include battery life, customer reviews on the laptop, keyboard and track pad quality, and backlit keyboards for nighttime game play on the go.

This helpful guide, however, will help you consider perhaps the most important things to look for before purchasing a gaming laptop: the laptop’s resolution, its storage, its size and weight, and CPU and RAM. Take these in consideration before spending hundreds on a laptop that won’t suit your gaming experience.