It is Mother’s Day this Sunday!  It is time to show your mom how much you appreciate her and all she has done for you.  If you are having a hard time coming up with a gift, here are excellent gift ideas for your mother based on her personality!


Mom can indeed do it all!  She can be a mother, a friend, a wife, a boss, and still take care of herself.  These gifts are for those athletic moms on the move!

  • Fit Bit - The new Fit Bits are sleeker than ever!  Your mom can wear this on her run and at her professional job.  It comes in so many colors.  She will be geeking out over this product.
  • Running Shoes - What athletic mom doesn’t love new running shoes?  Get your family together and invest in some great quality running shoes, like Brooks, for you mom.
  • Athletic Clothing - Whether she is a yogi or a runner, there is no such thing as too many athletic clothes.  The great thing about athletic clothes are their durability and longevity.  It is always nice to know get something for someone and know they will use it.
  • Nice Water Bottle - From Hydro flask to Nalgene, there are so many options for good quality water bottles out there . This is another practical present that your athletic mom will love.
  • Gym Bag - A good gym bag as a gift can be a game changer for work out lovers.


There is nothing like getting lost in a book.  These gifts are for your bookworm mother.

  • Kindle - Kindles are awesome gifts for a book loving mom!  These can perfectly fit into your mom’s purse.  From planes to cars, your mom will be able to take this everywhere with her to read.
  • Clip on lights - This creative gift will allow your mom to read in bed and not wake anyone up with lights!
  • [Book Bag]( -_ For a mom who prefers books over kindles, book bags are a necessity.
  • MacBook book laptop case - This laptop case will have your bookworm mom geeking out.
  • Good Book - Never underestimate the power of a good book.  Take a gander and pick a book off of the New York Times best seller list!


For people that love cooking and baking, a kitchen can be their playground.  These gifts are for moms who know their way around a kitchen.

  • Cook Books - There are so many cook books out there!  Go pick out one based on your mom’s taste and style of cooking.
  • Cooking Classes - People that love to cook love learning new recipes and techniques!  Treat your mom to a cooking class at William and Sonoma or Sur La Table!  It is a gift that the whole family can attend and enjoy.
  • New cook ware or appliances - There is nothing like new cooking ware and appliances.  Check out your moms kitchen and see if there are any cook ware of appliances that are old and need upgrading.  Kitchen Aid and Calphalon are great brands to check out.
  • Apron and Cooking Mitten - Deck out your mom with some playful aprons and cooking mittens.  Check out Anthropologie for a plentiful of options.