There comes that time when you’re faced with the deeply dreaded speeding ticket, followed by the even more painful, yet unavoidable task of enrolling in traffic school. The very thought may conjure up images of a small, hot room filled with strangers willingly, but begrudgingly acquiescing to an aggravating eight hour lecture from a monotone instructor named Jim. While traffic school may be considered a chore by the majority of the population, it may actually be a blessing in disguise and a much better alternative to stiff fines, increased insurance rates, and a muddled driving record.

Notorious for its mind numbing banality, traffic school may not seem like the most exciting item on your to-do list; however, like most things in life, the process is only as excruciating as you make it. Be sure to implement these ten surefire tips and tricks to surviving traffic school for an exceedingly enjoyable experience.

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Mental Preparation: Go into it with an open, unassuming mind. The best way to approach enrolling in a prospective traffic school program is by following the maxim of any hot yoga workshop- that is, “Forget everything you know or have heard about this and go into it with a completely clear mind.” This means relinquishing any judgements, preconceptions, and illusions you may have developed prior to attendance. Traffic school falls under a list of activities, such as jury duty, filing taxes, and waiting in line at the DMV, that simply rub you the wrong way because of preconceived ideas that shape our feelings. Let your experience speak on its own- do yourself a favor and try to keep an open mind.

Do your research before enrolling. Save yourself the added trouble and anxiety down the line by confirming the credentials of a traffic school and making sure it is approved by the state the traffic offense was issued in. Pay close attention to each program’s credentials, as they may vary. Look for an accredited program to avoid the possibility of dealing with scam artists and programs that may not be accepted by the court system.

Find the right program for you and have fun with it. While there are a myriad of excellent options, it is crucial to compare the elements of each program and finding the one most suitable for both your personality and lifestyle. A specific program can make all the difference in your overall experience. Thus, it is important to keep a few elements in mind when selecting a program. Online traffic schools allow you to get in your hours, without the added stress of sitting in an uncomfortable classroom desk for an immeasurable amount of time.

Programs such as Improv Comedy Traffic School allow you to complete the course in segments at your convenience, rather than in one, incessant sitting. Many programs also offer a twist to traffic school, from incorporating sports trivia into the curriculum to offering a comedic approach to teaching. Research has proven that humor makes points more memorable, and thus Improv’s humorous lessons allow you to laugh and enjoy yourself, while completing your courses.

Think of the bigger picture. Although you may have ignored step 1, you should think twice about sulking about the fact that you must take traffic school. In this given moment, you may feel frustrated, but you are essentially doing yourself a favor in the long run. Accept the facts and make the most of your experience by refocusing your energies in a positive light. The hours that go into completing traffic school may feel like a waste of time, however, they will ultimately result in reduced fines, a lower insurance rate, and a clean record.

Follow up once you have completed your course. Be sure to send in the proof of course completion to the court to dismiss the offense. All it takes is one simple phone call to confirm with the court that the completion was correctly applied to the ticket. Certain programs may directly transmit certificates of completion directly to the court and/or DMV.