In today’s times, everyone’s stressed about something. Still, there’s one “big stress” that our society keeps displaying so frequently. I’m talking about WORK. Without our jobs, we wouldn’t be able to meet our basic needs. Without our jobs, we would be finished. The reason why people hold on so much onto their jobs is that their self-preservation basic need kicks in.

Therefore, most of the today’s employees are stuck. Their opportunities become fewer, their energy and motivation levels will drop, and they eventually accept their comfort zone once and for all.

I’m telling you all this because I want you to realize how degrading life can be if you’re stuck into such disempowering cycles. In case you are or used to be in the situation I’ve described earlier, I want to help you get out of this misery.

I’ve been the same, and what took me out of that whole was a breakthrough that came after a lot of suffering. I then understood that I should never spend my limited time on things that do not attract me naturally. My criteria for choosing jobs became different, and I only had to gain a lot of benefits throughout the time.

Today I’m going to show you some effective strategies that’ll help you get into the proper frame of mind so that you can develop and follow a journey towards an activity that gives you joy and satisfaction.

1. Commit to Your Pursuit

Here’s the thing: you’re rarely going to find your passions by merely waiting for them to come at you. Instead, you should actively seek things that motivate you naturally. I’m talking about those actions that touch your stomach, the kind of things that you’d do without even thinking about money.

How do you actively seek your dream career or dream activity? You put yourself in a frame of mind where nothing is more important than finding your purpose.

Then, you commit to that process by taking actions that validate your desire. You look for new jobs, new opportunities, you keep an open mind about different ideas, and you read. You must read a lot because reading helps you discover new paths and new worlds that you never knew to be existent.

2. Introspection

In order to put yourself in the right place, you must know where that place is. You must also realistically assess your skills and traits and see in which domain of activity you could leverage them the most.

Therefore, you should perform introspections on a weekly basis. Seek silence for thirty minutes and dig deep inside.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you making the right decisions?
  • Are you on the right path?
  • Are you implementing your knowledge through smart action?
  • Are you taking all the shots you get?

3. Critical Feedback from Others

To better understand your biggest traits and talent so that you can better decide which would be the best activity for you to enroll in, you should leverage the power of your close ones. Very close relatives, friends, lovers…they can give you some powerful feedback that can serve you multiple breakthroughs.

4. Personal Growth Oriented Mindset

Discovering work that sparks flames of passion is one of the most important pursuits a contemporary man can be. Personal growth is extremely important for various reasons. Nevertheless, when it comes to personal development interest, we can all notice a considerable difference between successful individuals and average people.

Michelle Jacks, Co-founder at Careers Booster, shares her thoughts:

“Successful people never stop growing, and most of them are pursuing their passions and dreams. They’ve adopted a personal growth oriented mindset and it got them where they are right now. Follow that, and you’ll improve your chances of finding your “thing” much faster than otherwise”.

5. Make Some Space in Your Life

Finding your path is not a process that can be rushed. Moreover, you also need to be “there” with your mind. You must think of it, you must want it, and you must go do it. Therefore, you should give yourself the possibility to emotionally connect with your goals by making space in your life. Eliminate toxic relationships, time wasters, bad habits, and give more energy to the big change you want to make.

Never Stop Looking

As a final advice, I’d suggest you never stop pursuing your dream activity. It could be a job, it could be starting a business, it could be traveling while freelancing, or it could be millions of other things. Ask yourself this question: “If there were no money in this world, what would I do with my time?”. Found something that excites you? Go look into it and maybe start doing it!