“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” -Tim Ferriss

Fear is crippling. It intimidates and stifles even the strongest of people. Our deepest challenges are often directly influenced by our fears, and yet many are aware that not a single bad thing can come from taking on a challenge. In fact, one can probably argue that such devotion will almost always see a positive outcome, whether it is an ultimate success or a failure. The process of committing to a 30 day project is exhilarating, as you discover more about yourself while testing your limits and cultivating new skills.

Your mind may instantly wander to the once trending Instagram squat challenge or perhaps, a week long weight loss regime. Although you may be tempted to keep scrolling, think again. These seemingly trivial challenges can change your life as you know it. Challenges build your endurance and alter your attitude in a gentle play with perspective. The appeal lies in the brevity of most of these quests, with just enough time to overcome irrational fears and work on your inner self.

The Most Important Person Challenge Treat each and every person that crosses your path as if they are the most influential and important person you have every met. By expressing your complete attention and interest toward your surrounding environment, you will discover that every person has a story to tell and all it takes is having the ability to listen to take something away from the simplest of conversations.

No Added Sugar Challenge For the course of 30 days, test your self-control and sweet tooth by detoxing your diet of all signs of added sugar. This is a great way to prove to yourself that you are not dependent on the everyday sugary foods you may overindulge in from time to time.

This includes processed products that have added sugar or sugar substitutes, desserts, candy, and sweetened beverages. You will soon discover that new foods may provide your body with energy, without the added sugar.

The Comfort Challenge This incredibly effective, adrenaline rushing challenge asks you to step outside of your comfort zone by finding a crowded public place and lying down for ten seconds. This must be done primarily once a day, for the course of two days and without explanation to those surrounding you. Following your ten second hiatus, simply get back up and return to whatever it is that you were doing.

Ideal spots may range anywhere from a popular bar or lounge to a trafficked sidewalk during lunch hour in the city. This is the ultimate baby step to not letting people dictate your thoughts and actions. Continue for thirty days and write about your experiences.

Source: Tim Ferriss, author of Four Hour Work Week.

Yoga Challenge Quintessential to any 30 day challenge list, the yoga challenge pushes you to master a new pose every day. Get your vinyasa flow on with just 15-20 minutes of practice and the determination to learn everything you can in a span of a month.

There are no excuses- this challenge can be easily incorporated into any schedule, as all it requires are a durable surface, preferably a yoga mat, and access to the web where you can find many programs catered to the challenge.

Create Something Challenge This challenge calls upon the individual person to engage in projects that inspire creativity, each day for the duration of 30 days. In this time, the participator opens new doors of creative thought, while the challenge itself may reveal gaps in knowledge that can easily be filled.

It also pushes the dimensions of the mind into thinking in a myriad of unique ways because the individual must bring something to the table each day. This can amount to everything from the likes of keeping a journal and collaging different mixed media images together to doodling on scratch paper.