I am often surprised to hear how many people don’t really like the taste of wine. Finding the perfect wine to fit that particular person or date can often be excruciatingly painful. So instead of spending a ton of money trying to find the best and compatible wine for your date, give these alternatives a try which should not bankrupt you and tend to be much more palatable for most people’s taste buds-

  1. Port- This is a fortified wine that has a very sweet flavor to it. It originated in Portugal, hence “Port,” but can be produced anywhere in the world. This delicious wine will often surprise and tantalize the taste buds of those who don’t usually like vino.

  2. Arbor Mist- This can often be looked down upon by wine snobs, but it has a sweet carbonated taste that is hard to be turned down. One might liken it to a wine soda, but it has a class that surpasses the wine in the box. Try their Blackberry Merlot, Cranberry Twist White Merlot, or Mango Strawberry Moscato.

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  3. Lemon Aid- Mix 5 parts Tonic Water with 2 Parts Gin, and add 2 parts Lemon Juice (or to taste). This concoction will certainly give your date an excellent substitute for wine that will make them glad you did not force them to open a cork.

  4. Dirty Shirley- This is the adult version of a Shirley Temple. Start with 6 oz of Sprite, add Grenadine syrup to flavor, and 1 oz of Vodka. Enjoy!

  5. Vodka Cranberry- This would be a perfect substitute on Valentine’s Day. Glowing with the lovely red color and tasting like a fruity, healthy mix, this drink will delight your date who despises the rotted grape. Take 5 parts of Cranberry juice and 1 2/3 part Vodka and add a wedge of lime if you so desire.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!