Mornings set the tone for the rest of your day.  What you do in the morning can improve your mood and can destress you before you head to work.  Here are practical ways to start your day on the right foot!

Wake up earlier

Waking up earlier can leave a big cringe on your face, but it is a good habit to adopt.  According to Business Insider, early risers tend to be, “happier and more proactive.”  By waking up earlier, you can avoid rushing which can cause major stress.  When you get use to the earlier rise, you can relax and have the time to set your mind right before your work day begins.

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Quiet Time

The best thing you can do after waking up and eating breakfast is have a quiet time.  During this time you can meditate, pray, breathe deeply, and do whatever you want to clear your mind.  This will send a peaceful tone for the rest of your morning.

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This activity may take the most motivation, but you will never regret working out in the mornings.  The endorphins you get while working out improve your mood, and the physical activity actually gives mental clarity.

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Read something in the morning that contributes to your personal growth.  This can leave you inspired and relaxed.


Make Your Bed

According to Charles Duhigg’s book “The Power of Habit”, getting into the habit of making your bed every morning will increase your productivity.  He also says it causes a “chain reaction” for following through with other good habits.

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Often times spouses don’t take the time to affirm and give each other affection in the morning.  Since you are not rushing due to your early rise, you have the time to reconnect with your significant other.  There are many chemicals that are released during affection with your significant other that can make you feel great for the rest of the day!  Try hugging or kissing your spouse in the morning to release oxytocin and serotonin.  Oxytocin and Serotonin can reduce the feeling of loneliness and anger. Another benefit of physical affection with your spouse is the reduction in blood pressure and stress.  Affection is an activity that can easily be forgotten, but it can really drastically change your morning for the better.

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Treat yourself

This isn’t for everyday, but maybe once a week treat yourself with a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts!  There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself mid-week with a little treat.  When you take care of yourself, you perform better.  Remember to treat yourself!

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Music or Audiobook on Commute

You know that feeling you get when you buy a new CD and you cannot wait to listen to it?  Imagine that excitement on your morning commute.  Next time you are at the store get a new CD from your favorite artist or get an audiobook.  This will keep you relaxed and help the commute fly by.

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Even the non-morning people can have a good morning with these tips.