Ever known someone to get engaged? Chances are you probably have, but no engagement news is taken quite the way a best friend takes the news. Here are 8 beyond realistic yet hilarious reactions to hearing the news of your best friend’s engagement.

  1. You know that it’s going to be up to you to help plan everything and host the parties…and you hate party planning, oh and hosting. You just hate everything.


2. You. Couldn’t. Be. More. Ecstatic. Now you’ll BOTH BE MARRIED!


3. You’re completely and utterly shocked by the news, but you snap out of it and scream “LET’S CELEBRATE!”


4. You go straight to panic mode because you know some shit and haven’t been able to reveal anything yet…


5. You smile and congratulate your friend but secretly you don’t think this isn’t a good idea but you won’t say anything.


6. You’re about to combust due to jealousy and confusion, but you keep it together because NO ONE will see you fall!


7. You’re absolutely devastated because you think you’re going to lose your friend, it’s just you against the world now!


8. You were supposed to be next…