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What Artists Think Of Trump’s Presidency So Far

trump caricature
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What Artists Think Of Trump’s Presidency So Far

Creative minds around the world are illustrating what many people are feeling about the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump

Source: @art1llero

trump and liberty

Source: lennartgaebel.com

steve bannon

Source: @DKDelicious

Source: @ToonsTrump

how artists feel about donald trump

Source: @bjork55

donald trump caricatura

Source: @ContraInvest

how people feel about Donal Trump presidency

Source: @Englishblossoms

hair force one trump

Source: @Mombaque

trump presidency funny

Source: @elnuevoherald

Trump caricature

Source: @TrumpLibrary

artists illustrate trump

Source: @quiversarrow


Source: @feyrah

welcome to trump's america

Source: Gunduz Aghayev

Source: Michael deAdder


Source: @Cartoon4sale

election 2016

Source: @FinancialReview

trump and putin

Source: @LatuffCartoons


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