Asking “do you have a condom” is never going to be the same again. In today’s edition of things that actually exist in this world, I give you  the “wine condom”. What’s it used for? So that you can practice safe wining? (ha ha) or is it a wine-flavored condom (GREAT idea by the way). No folks this is an actual condom for wine bottles. Stay fresh by slipping a condom over the top of an opened bottle of wine to keep it’s contents from spoiling aka to keep the alcohol boozy longer.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t particularly cooperate when used on champagne, prosecco, or any sparkling wine bottles because they are “too gassy and [using a wine condom] usually results in a weird condom balloon” …ugh being gassy is no fun. It’s website states that it is “the world’s most functional wine bottle stopper, it doesn’t add any extra height” so trying to find a space in your fridge that accepts the height is no longer an issue, works for beer bottles as well, is easy to slip into your pocket or wallet, uses a shrink-to-fit technology which creates a water-tight seal on any bottle, and has a 99.9% success rate at effectively preventing wine spillages (remember only YOU can help prevent wine spills). You can pre-order your wine condoms here. Cheers!